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Reality TV Meets Small Businesses Later This Month

While many Americans continue to feast on the likes of American Idol, The Bachelor, Fear Factor and the other new "reality" television shows, one show will try to make its way by following the challenges of a small business owner as he tries to accomplish his dream of running a family restaurant.The Restaurant is a six-episode series, debuting July 20, that offers a behind-the-scenes look at the life and struggles of real life chef Rocco DiSpirito as he creates, launches
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Strategies For Communicating With Your Clients

By Sandra L. Wiley, Boomer Consulting, Inc.Congratulations! You accomplished the first step towards success in your company, you have clients! So… now what?Everyone knows that retaining current clients is MUCH easier than finding new ones, or is it? Have you put some serious thought into how you are going to keep those clients you worked so hard to get? Retention requires attention! You will only keep clients if you continually provide them with ongoing value that not only satisfies them, but bonds them to your company!
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Two Accounting Industry Veterans Inducted Into Marketing Hall of Fame

Two accounting veterans who made landmark contributions as business partners in the "early days" of accounting marketing, and then individually for the past ten years, were again paired up as this year's inductees into the accounting marketing Hall of Fame.August Aquila and Allan Koltin were named to the Hall of Fame at the Association of Accounting Marketing Conference in Boston last week.August Aquila became the first accounting firm marketing director in the United States t
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Sally Glick Named 'Marketer of The Year'

Sally Glick, Director of Marketing at The Videre Group, LLP in New Jersey, has been named the 2003 winner of the prestigious "Marketer of The Year" award, presented by CPA Marketing Report and the Association for Accounting Marketing at the 14th Annual Association for Accounting Marketing conference last week in Boston.The winner of this award for marketing excellence is chosen by a panel of five judges that includes some of the leading figures in professional services marketing.
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AccountingWEB Interviews ... Tracy Crevar Warren, Veteran Director and Incoming President of AAM

As part of a series of interviews with prominent members of the profession, AccountingWEB sits down with Tracy Crevar Warren, veteran CPA firm marketing director and Incoming President of the Association for Accounting Marketing, which meets this week in Boston. We asked Tracy to share some of her insights as a pioneer of the accounting marketing profession, and to get her perspective on the ever changing role of marketing in public accounting firms.

New Study Outlines Best Practice For Selling Technology to Small Business

Press ReleaseSmall and medium businesses (sites of between 10 employees to 200 employees) offer significant new technology sales opportunities, according to a recent study by Harte-Hanks, Inc. (NYSE:HHS). The challenge is to match sales and marketing programs to the most commonly cited buying requirements of small and medium businesses, which differ significantly from those of larger companies, the study reports.
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Niche-Building in Professional Services Firms

Many professional service firms are creating specialty areas within their practices and in some cases whole new “offspring” companies to respond to the changing demands of clients and to create growth opportunities for associates and younger staff.Among the three types of professional service firms, CPA firms are for once being viewed as exciting because they continue to experience the most change, which for junior staff in the midsize and smaller-sized firms is being translated into new opportunities.

Ways To Recover When You Miss A Business Appointment

By Jacqueline Whitmore At one time or another, each one of us has accidentally missed a scheduled business meeting. However, very few executives know how to deal with this embarrassing mishap. The following tips will help you recover gracefully while salvaging your professional relationship. Be honest with the person you were scheduled to meet. Apologize and tell the other person that you completely forgot about the appointment. Honesty is always the best policy. Don't lie and blame your kids, pets, car, etc. for your failure to show up for an appointment.
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What Do Your Clients Really Want?

It's really no secret what your clients and prospects want, they want solutions and leadership. Solutions and leadership demonstrate value to a client. These come from a thorough knowledge of the client's objectives, strategies, existing circumstances, competitive position, and personnel.

New Tax Legislation Marketing Tool Now Available

On Wednesday May 28, President Bush signed into law the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003, which contains a myriad of tax changes for both individuals and businesses. To help arm you with the tools you need for timely client and staff communications, AccountingWEB is preparing a summary of this law - written for the non-tax professional - for you to offer to your clients, prospects and staff.
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Press Releases – A Simple Marketing Tool For Your Firm

By Mary Lynn Thomas, Marketing Coordinator, May & Company, LLPHave you been looking for a better way to get information out to clients and prospects about your firm? Press releases have always been a simple, low-cost marketing method. Today the Internet makes the process even simpler.But by using this resource, are you indeed reaching the largest possible market for your efforts? Have you established a system that makes the process easy for you? Are you utilizing every opportunity for a press release?
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Making The Most of Client Meetings

Like a good business letter or report, a client sales meeting has three basic parts: introduction, body, and closing. In addition, it provides an opportunity for questions and answers.It's important to recognize that prospective and current clients usually want to address current and future issues, not the past ones. Be cautious about expressing opinions about current problems unless you know the politics of the organization and the individuals in the meeting well.

The 2002 Winners: 101 Dumbest Moments in Business

Business 2.0 has published its third annual listing of what it calls "the most ill-conceived, embarrassing, and downright appalling developments of the past year," aptly dubbed the 101 Dumbest Moments in Business.The listing is off and running with the Grand Prize winner of the 2002 dumbest moment, Midas, the company that featured an elderly women in its television ads baring her chest off camera to a supposed Midas mechanic and asking, "So what can you do with these?" Other amusing award winners include the short-lived ABC television entry into the Fall 2002 lineup, "Push, Nevada," the
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Ten Steps to Branding Your Firm

by Terri M. Sommella, Sommella Market StrategiesStudies show that 75% of firms are either in the process of a branding campaign or are considering one. Why? Succinctly put, branding creates differentiation and client loyalty. It is the purposeful development of a personal relationship between the client and the product or service. A brand is not all consuming but rather, represents a piece of the whole, one aspect of the firm.
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PDI Merges With PENCOR Publication Services

The Practice Development Institute, Inc. (PDI), a premier provider of marketing and management solutions for public accounting firms in the United States, has merged with PENCOR Publication Services. PDI and PENCOR - located across the street from each other in downtown Chicago - have competed with each other as the dominant players in the accounting marketing space since the 1980s.
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How Casual Is Your Business . . . Clothes Do Make The Person

By Steve McIntyre-Smith, Ph.D The clothes do not maketh the man (or woman) – but they do help maketh the sale!

Canadian Accountants File Complaint Against H&R Block

On the heels of the recent H&R Block advertising controversy in the United States, H&R Block Canada is now the focus of an upset accounting profession.
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A Bed, A Breakfast, And a 1040

Every business looks for a way to distinguish itself from the competition. CPA and Bed & Breakfast owner Kevin Marshall decided to tie his two interests together. While guests relax for the night and have a delightful breakfast at his Dutch Iris Inn in Granby, Connecticut, Kevin Marshall will prepare the guest's tax returns and have the forms ready to go at checkout time. The overnight package includes preparation of the 2002 Federal and Connecticut tax returns, a night's accommodations and breakfast for two in the morning.
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IRS Shows Support For Free File Pop-Up Ads

Just last week, consumer groups from around the country complained to the Treasury Department about the perceived commercial misuse of consumer information by the companies participating in the IRS’ Free File program. In a Senate hearing this week, an IRS representative said they are comfortable with the organizations trying to "upsell" their services.Dale F.

H&R Block Accused of Misuse of Consumer Data

H&R Block's marketing efforts are again stirring controversy as several consumer groups alert the Treasury Department this week of alleged privacy violations by H&R Block of data collected from taxpayers using the IRS' Free File program.The group claims that H&R Block is improperly marketing its mortgage services to consumers who enter mortgage interest information in the Block Web site which they have entered through the IRS Free File program.


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