Legs and Thighs

Workplace Fitness

Day 63: Pliés

Pliés are one of the best leg exercises to tone and strengthen your inner and outer thighs, without putting a lot of stress on the joints.
Workplace Fitness

Day 39: Weighted Jump Squats

Today's exercise strengthens your leg muscles and gives you an energy boost to get through the rest of the afternoon/evening. You can use either two equally weighted hand weights or a pair of full water bottles, however you can benefit from doing this exercise even if you don't use weights.

Day 67: Squat

According to fitness experts, squatting, when done correctly and safely, can benefit almost every muscle in your body.

Fitness Day 62: Chair Squat

The squat is one of the best ways to tone and strengthen your lower body. You can prepare yourself for this exercise by placing a chair behind you, sitting down and standing up several times, thinking about the muscles you are using.

Day 52: Jumping Lunge

Today's office fitness tip comes to up from Mandi Clossey of Somerset CPAs in Indianapolis. Lunge exercises are great on the thighs, and this one will force you to get up from your desk. We guarantee you will feel energized after doing these lunges.

Day 45: Thigh exercises

Today's exercises work the thighs, those parts of the legs that you sit on, all day long. You can actually do these exercises and keep working at the same time. Multitasking at its best!

Day 37: The Quadriceps Stretch

The Quadriceps Stretch is a great way to reduce the tension and improve the flexibility in the front of the thigh. With this exercise, you will notice an immediate decrease in your overall tension level.

Day 19: Invisible chair: Ab, back, and thigh toner

According to author Shirley Archer in "Fitness 9 to 5", "Spending a few extra minutes each day in your invisible chair tones up your abs, back, and thighs. Building more muscle mass boosts your metabolism for more calorie burn even while you sleep!"

Day 18: The Lunge

This is a great exercise to improve the flexibility in the quadriceps and glute muscles as well as to improve your overall coordination and sense of balance.

Day 12: Yoga tree pose

Improve your balance with today’s quick yoga posture The book, Office Yoga, by Darrin Zeer, recommends that you try this pose just before going into a meeting or taking a call.

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