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Workplace Fitness

Day 71: Desk Chair Leg Stretch

We want to thank Breakpal.com for this stretchy exercise that gives your legs a workout without your having to even get out of your chair.
Workplace Fitness

Day 66: Bunny Hop

We've taken an exercise suggested by Marcus Minier, exercise physiologist at The Gym in New York City, and completely revamped it for spring. This hopping exercise will target your thighs and calves to build muscle and it will strengthen your ankles. It will also give you a light aerobic workout as you bunny hop around the office
Workplace Fitness

Day 58: Prisoner Squats

Well isn't it fitting that we're doing an exercise called Prisoner Squats as we are all imprisoned in our offices this spring? This afternoon break will strengthen your legs and your body core.
Workplace Fitness

Day 50: Leg Lifts for Your Hips

This standing leg-lift exercise targets your outer hips, glutes, and quadriceps. Hip exercises can help alleviate back pain and stiffness and improve your work productivity.
Workplace Fitness

Day 45: Seated Hip Stretch

Sciatica is a pain that can occur anywhere along your leg from your hip to your foot. Keep your sciatic nerve happy with today's easy stretching exercise.
Workplace Fitness

Day 41: Get Your Bum as Tight as a Drum

Exercises that are part of an average workout routine are generally the LEAST effective when it comes to getting a perfectly shaped, firm butt. There are hundreds of muscles in your lower body area, and you need to do exercises that specifically target the muscles in that area. Here are two to get you started.
Workplace Fitness

Day 39: Weighted Jump Squats

Today's exercise strengthens your leg muscles and gives you an energy boost to get through the rest of the afternoon/evening. You can use either two equally weighted hand weights or a pair of full water bottles, however you can benefit from doing this exercise even if you don't use weights.
Workplace Fitness

Day 37: Sit Down and Thin Your Thighs

Today's office exercise works the muscles in your calves, thighs, and butt and can easily be accomplished without any equipment.
Workplace Fitness

Day 35: Wednesday Workout: No Equipment, No Excuses!

We're happy to welcome back Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist Cindy Whitmarsh who has some great ideas for energizing your afternoon! Each week, Cindy will share her tips to help you get fit and stay healthy!
Workplace Fitness

Day 32: Swing Time

It's time to get up and get fit! Here's a quick afternoon refresher that targets your abs, your butt, and your inner thighs.
Workplace Fitness

Day 21: Keep on Walkin'

Here are some fun ways to "walk" down the hall. You'll get a bit of a workout and feel revived!
Workplace Fitness

Day 19: The Funky Chicken

Loosen up your upper body with this fun (and wacky?) exercise. You might want to close your office door for this one, or you can leave it open and treat your coworkers to a good laugh!
Workplace Fitness

Day 16: Leg Extensions

Strengthen and firm up those legs!
Workplace Fitness

Day 12: Build Those Calves

Strong calf muscles will increase your endurance and your ability to perform many forms of exercise, such as hiking and biking. They also provide you with better upper body support. And, they look good!
Workplace Fitness

Day 10: Balancing Act

Improve your posture and strengthen your core with balancing exercises.
Workplace Fitness

Day 9: Toe Touch

Work on improving your flexibility with this easy exercise. Being flexible keeps us feeling young!
Workplace Fitness

Day 3: Buns of Steel™

Here's a great way to prevent "office chair spread" and get buns of steel.
Workplace Fitness

Day 2: Inner Thigh Squeeze

This is a great exercise for your inner thighs. You can do it while you're working, but be good to yourself and take that much-needed break!

Day 71: Tuck Jumps

We're certain all of our readers are jumping for joy today, so it is fitting that our final exercise involves jumping!

Day 66: Calf Stretch

The Calf Stretch will keep your legs flexible and relaxed during a long day at work.


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