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Costly changes to 1099 reporting in health care law

In 2012, under a little discussed mandate of the health care reform legislation, businesses will be required to report all payments in excess of $600 for services or merchandise to the Internal Revenue Service on a Form 1099.

Tax attorney, businessman receive prison sentences for tax fraud

The U.S. Department of Justice has announced that two men were sentenced to prison last week for their involvement in a complex tax fraud scheme devised to avoid paying federal income taxes.

Tax preparer shut down for falsely claiming first-time homebuyer credits

A federal court has permanently barred David Santiago and his business, Santiago Investment & Consulting Inc., from preparing federal tax returns for others, the Justice Department announced.

National Association of Enrolled Agents responds to proposed PTIN regulation

The National Association of Enrolled Agents has submitted to IRS leadership comments on the proposed regulations with respect to Preparer Tax Identification Numbers (PTINs).

Child stars learn that growing up can be taxing

It’s been a bad year for at least three child stars, even if they are still active in the entertainment industry. It seems fame might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

Case of the cavalier Internal Revenue Service agent

Shouldn’t an Internal Revenue Service agent know a business when she sees one – especially if she is the owner and operator?

What comes first, tax woes or competing on Dancing with the Stars?

Pamela Anderson shares something in common with a few of her fellow celebrity contestants on Dancing with the Stars. At least three others also have made headlines for being in hot water with the tax authorities.

Operation Brass Tax: Sting nets 26 tax preparers

Some tax preparers will not be celebrating the end of tax season with tropical drinks on sandy beaches. Instead, they might be viewing life from behind bars because of a recent sting operation.

Federal income tax: Who's paying and who isn't?

About half of the households in the United States pay no federal income tax, thanks in part to tax credits, deductions, and exemptions.

IRS continues audit trend away from large corporations and toward smaller businesses

The IRS has reduced the hours spent auditing large corporations by one-third since 2005 and at the same time has increased the hours spent on audits of small companies by 30 percent

Court case could create an upside to severance payments

Severance pay has become an unfortunate fact of life for many companies and employees. But based on a recent court case, there may be some good news for both.

HIRE Act affidavit form now available

Employers who hope to take advantage of a tax break signed into law last month must fill out a new form by the Internal Revenue Service to claim the payroll tax exemption.

IRS delays causing increased taxpayer penalties

The Internal Revenue Service should improve the way it deals with balance-due payments from delinquent taxpayers, according to a recent TIGTA report. Unnecessary delays are resulting in extra penalties and interest costs to taxpayers.

From country to rhythm and blues to rap: tax trouble has no favorite genre

Grammy winning country singer Dwight Yoakam might have new material for a sad, sad song now that the Internal Revenue Service has filed a lien against him for nearly half a million dollars.

Reasons behind bigger tax refunds depend on who you ask

Just when America needs a financial boost, income tax refunds are up an average of nearly 10 percent, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

IRS knocks out two boxing legends

Thomas “Hitman” Hearns, who earned more than $40 million in his legendary boxing career, may find himself homeless soon, proving that it’s not just ordinary folks who are dealing with the threat of foreclosure.

Comment period open on IRS proposal to require ID numbers for tax preparers

The Internal Revenue Service recently issued proposed regulations allowing the IRS to require that tax return preparers use Preparer Tax Identification Numbers as the preparer’s identifying number on all tax returns and tax refund claims that they prepare.

Threats to IRS increase after fatal plane crash

Internal Revenue Service watchdogs are looking into more than 70 reports of threats or inappropriate comments made to agency workers following a private plane crash into an IRS building in Austin, Texas, that killed the pilot and an agency employee last month.

Two IRS employees indicted for theft of government money

Two IRS employees in Covington, KY, were charged in a 29-count indictment for stealing thousands of dollars in money orders.

IRS issues list of Dirty Dozen tax scams

The Internal Revenue Service has issued its 2010 “dirty dozen” list of tax scams, including schemes involving return preparer fraud, hiding income offshore, and phishing.“Taxpayers should be wary of anyone peddling scams that seem too good to be true,” IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman said. “The IRS fights fraud by pursuing taxpayers who hide income abroad and by ensuring taxpayers get competent, ethical service from qualified professionals at home in the U.S.”


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