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Nine-Year Prison Sentence for Tax Defier

An Arizona man was sentenced on August 10, 2012, to nine years in prison and ordered to pay fines of $1,021,500.

Identity Theft Fraudster Jailed for 81 Months

Yumeitrius Manuel was sentenced to eighty-one months in federal prison for filing false tax returns using stolen identities. The court also ordered Manuel to pay $52,242 in restitution to the IRS.

IRS Fraud Detection Failures. Shulman's Job on the Line?

A new report released by the TIGTA accuses IRS agents of "looking the other way" while illegal immigrants were assigned false ITINs. A key member of the House's tax-writing committee is calling for Commissioner Shulman to resign.

Federal Court Shuts Down Florida Tax Preparers

A federal court in Florida has permanently barred Sharon Angulo and Claudia Zuloaga from preparing federal tax returns for others. The two had filed tax returns claiming tax refunds based on fake withholding.

Man Allegedly Falsified Returns to Maximize EITC

The Justice Department has asked a federal court in Chicago to bar Bruce E. Grant from preparing tax returns. The suit alleges that Grant frequently fabricates business income and expenses to maximize EITC.

Tax Preparer Goes to Jail for Close to Five Years

Texas tax return preparer, Eddye Lovely, was sentenced to fifty-seven months in federal prison for aiding and assisting in the preparation of false tax returns.

Couple Sentenced for Hiding Millions Offshore

Sean and Nadia Roberts were sentenced July 30 before US District Court Chief Judge Anthony W. Ishii to twelve months and one day in prison for hiding millions of dollars in secret offshore bank accounts.

Former IRS Worker Admits He Hid Records

On July 31, former IRS employee Richard Andersen pleaded guilty to concealing records for a private business he owned.

Billions in ID Theft Tax Fraud Go Undetected

TIGTA estimates $21 billion could be refunded to identity thieves over the next five years. This is in addition to over $5 billion in tax refunds in 2011.

Treasury Department Unveils Model FATCA Agreement

The Treasury Department has just released a new "model agreement" designed to facilitate global information sharing about investments under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) of 2010.

Rapper Buys Back His Belongings at IRS Auction

The IRS collected $53,000 last week at an auction of jewelry and recording equipment once owned by rapper Young Buck, who claims he bought back some of his former possessions.

Florida State Rep Faces IRS Investigation

State Representative Daphne Campbell is under investigation for Medicaid fraud, prompting the state Democratic Party to ask Campbell "to consider stepping down," the <i>Miami Herald</i> reported.

House Approves Firing of Tax-Delinquent Federal Workers

The House approved legislation on July 31 that would require the federal government to terminate workers with "seriously delinquent" tax debts.

Guidance on ERISA Notice for Underfunded Pension Plans

The IRS has provided new guidance on notice requirements under the ERISA for single-employer defined plans, like pension plans, when the plan fails to meet certain funding levels (Notice 2012-46).

IRS Visits to Preparers Not Very Productive

A review of the Return Preparer Visitation Project (RPVP) for FY 2011 by TIGTA found that major changes need to be made to the management of the program to improve its effectiveness.

Study Offers Insight into Nonprofit Governance

A new benchmarking study, "A Snapshot of Key Data Extracted from 2008-2010 Form 990s," assesses the governance practices of nonprofits. It is a follow-up piece to a similar study released in 2010.

TIGTA: Adoption Credit Oversight Needs to Improve

Incomplete or missing documentation led the IRS to delay processing 43,295 Adoption Credit claims and approve more than $11 million in erroneous claims, according to a report publicly released by TIGTA.

Fraudulent AICPA E-mail Targets CPAs

A fraudulent e-mail phishing scam was sent to CPAs, non-CPAs, and the general public on July 19 accusing the recipients of tax refund fraud and threatening license suspension.

Alaska Authorities Sniff Out Tax Scammers

While law enforcement officers were investigating drug dealers in Alaska, they turned up a fraudulent tax scheme that reportedly generated about $19 million in illegal federal income tax refunds.

Former CPA, a Pakistan Fugitive, Indicted

Masood Chotani, a former CPA who spent the last three years as a fugitive in Pakistan, was arraigned July 12 on charges that he conspired to defraud the United States and made false claims for income tax refunds.


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