Know the Twists and Turns Involving Charitable IRA Rollovers

If you donated IRA funds to a charity last year, make sure you account for it correctly this tax season.
Wealth management

Plan Ahead to Avoid Required Minimum Distribution Nightmares

Tax time is also for planning ahead, so the next tax season goes smoothly, with no nasty surprises.
Wealth management

How to Steer Clear of the Mutual Fund Tax Trap

Accountants are not wealth managers, but wealth management decisions have important tax consequences. It's good business to help clients avoid unnecessary investment-oriented tax bills.
Wealth management

Last Chance For Multiple IRA Rollovers

A surprising Tax Court case has shut down a tax planning technique that savvy retirement-savers have been using for years. But there's still a small window of opportunity if you need it, until the new year, to give investors time to adjust.

IRA Rollovers: Do Things Right

Few transactions involving income taxes taxes are as likely to go wrong, and carry as severe consequences, as qualified retirement plan rollovers. Make sure your clients don't fall victim.

Don't Ignore This Tax Credit for Retirement Savings

Due to an underpublicized break for retirement contributions, certain taxpayers may cut their current tax bill while stockpiling funds for the future. The IRS recently reminded taxpayers of the "retirement saver's credit."

Obama's New Budget Proposal: $3 Million Cap on IRAs

The new budget plan that President Obama will unveil on April 10 includes an unprecedented tax whammy for retirement savers: A new $3 million cap on IRA assets and other tax-preferred retirement accounts.

IRS to 2010 Roth Converters: Pay the Piper!

The other shoe is about to drop for hundreds of thousands of taxpayers who converted from a traditional IRA to a Roth in 2010. And the IRS is likely to catch it. In fact, it has just posted a reminder to 2012 filers.

Last Shot at IRA Gifts to Charity for '12

The IRS is reminding senior citizens of an eleventh-hour reprieve granted by the American Taxpayer Relief Act. Older individuals can still pull off a tax-free, IRA-to-charity transfer of funds, but only if they act by January 31.

YouTube Video Features Medicare Surtax

"Benjamin Franklin said, 'In this world, nothing could be said to be certain, except death and taxes.' At least with taxes, they keep changing." Thus starts a new YouTube video entitled "Medicare Investment Income Tax."

Highlights of COLAs for '13

The IRS has announced various cost-of-living adjustments for 2013. Although inflation has remained on the low side this year, it was still high enough to move the needle on more than two dozen tax code provisions.

Treasury Proposes New Rules for Annuity Options in Retirement Plans

The U.S. Treasury and the IRS have proposed a package of regulations and rulings intended to encourage retirees to invest some proceeds of their retirement accounts in annuities. Retirees have shown no interest in this type of investment because they are reluctant to invest their entire retirement account in an annuity.

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