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Practice Development

Tips for improving a company blog

Blogs have been around for years now, but many accounting firms still have not jumped on board. If you have the time and interest, a blog can be an indispensable tool to engage current clients and reach new ones.

Employment tool designed for accountants: Intuit’s Accountant Work Exchange

Accountants with specialized skills, who may be looking for additional work or a new job, and firms looking for highly qualified help, now can connect through Intuit’s employment tool, the Accountant Work Exchange.

Amazon denies North Carolina’s request for tax-related information

North Carolina has raised the ire of online retailer Amazon by beginning an audit of its compliance with state sales and use tax laws.

Survey: Majority of workers search online for information about themselves

Although some might dub it "egosurfing," others might call it a wise career move to conduct a Web search to see what information is available online about you.

Five blunders accountants make on their Web sites

Spring cleaning often includes sweeping the entryway and giving a fresh coat of paint. This year it's time to apply spring cleaning techniques to your virtual front door - the company Web site.

Don’t open that Facebook e-mail

Millions of spam e-mail messages were sent to Facebook users around the world last week in a scam that could infect computers with software that steals passwords and other data.

Managing sales and use tax compliance getting harder for small businesses

Just staying on top of the 8,000 different state and local tax rates and a thousand changes that are made every year by state legislatures is a huge challenge for small and mid-sized business in normal times.
Education & Careers

Social networking can be a double-edged blade in job search

Job hunters more and more are employing social networking sites to cast a larger net in search of employment. They should keep in mind, however, that recruiters also are looking at those connections, long before the interview process begins.

Intuit introduces hosting program for QuickBooks

As of this month, Intuit is offering its hosting program to CPAs who are looking for ways to grow their businesses while delivering improved service, access, and ease of use to their clients.

Heading off hackers

CPA firms may be at a higher risk for hackers because they store sensitive client data. A security disaster plan and response team should be in place before a problem occurs so that you can respond quickly and professionally in a crisis.

Choosing a valuable domain name

Purchasing a domain name for your firm, whether it be for a Website presence, professional e-mail, or both, could be one of the most valuable choices you make regarding your firm’s online presence.


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