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Tax Tip: Add on Medical Expenses for a Nondependent

This is the eighth article in our series of tax return tips for 2011 returns. It's often difficult for taxpayers to qualify for medical expense deductions - but not impossible. Although the annual threshold is daunting, clients often overlook or ignore deductible expenses that can help pad their total.

New York State Is Attempting to Tax Its Yoga Studios

Last year, after the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision attempted to subject yoga studios to licensing regulations, the proposed "Yoga Bill" was signed into law by Governor Paterson on March 24, 2010. The bill exempts yoga and martial arts studios from state educational certification.

TIGTA Finds IRS Not Fully Compliant

According to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) report that was released March 22, the IRS is not fully compliant with a federal law that requires it to eliminate and report improper payments made to taxpayers.

AICPA Calls for Improvements to IRS Examination Program

The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) has raised a number of concerns with the IRS about the burden its correspondence audit program places on taxpayers selected for examination, Patricia Thompson, the chair of the AICPA Tax Executive Committee, told the IRS Oversight Board at a February 28 meeting.

Refunds Showing Up Later This Year

Liberty Tax Services' CEO Rufe Vanderpool reports that there are no abnormal delays in client federal income tax refunds at this time, but individual taxpayers continue to report delays. Carmen Gorgone of H&R Block in Reno says, "Refunds are most definitely delayed. About twenty-one days."

Former State Representative Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud and Tax Evasion

On March 16, Richard David Miranda, a former Arizona state representative, plead guilty in the US District Court for the District of Arizona to a two-count information charging him with defrauding a charity of more than $140,000 and evading income tax related to those unlawfully obtained funds.

Tax Tip: Dish Out Tax Rewards to Charitable Volunteers

Do you have clients who work hard for nonprofit organizations? Although taxpayers can't deduct the value of their "blood, sweat, and tears," they can still write off certain expenses that aren't reimbursed as charitable contributions.

If You Could Pick: Who Would Be the Most Intriguing Tax Client?

If you could choose to prepare taxes for anyone in the world, whose tax return would you like to prepare? Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs asked 50 CPAs and got some fascinating answers.

Tax Tip: Lock in Mortgage Interest Deductions for Points

This is the second article in our series of tax return tips for 2011 returns. Although mortgage interest rates are at historic lows, it may be possible to obtain an even more favorable rate by agreeing to pay one or more "points" to the lender. What are the tax implications?

Tax Tip: Choose the 'Biggest and Best' State Tax Deduction

Are your clients better off deducting income tax or sales tax on a 2011 return? It depends on the situation. An itemizer on a 2011 return can deduct annual state and local income taxes or, as an alternative, sales tax paid during the year. But it's either one or the other.

Tax Tip: How to Secure an 'Extra' Dependency Exemption

Why should clients use your tax return preparation services instead of finding a tax software program online? Even in this era of do-it-yourself technology, you can provide valuable insights that individual taxpayers simply can't get from standard software.

KPMG Addresses Tax Issues Associated with Working in the Cloud

Do you have a client considering a move to the Cloud? If so, you and your client should be addressing certain tax issues before the move is made.

IRS Announces "Fresh Start" Initiative to Help Struggling Taxpayers

The IRS announced a major expansion of its "Fresh Start" initiative to help struggling taxpayers. It is taking steps to provide new penalty relief to the unemployed and making installment agreements available to more people.

CPA Accused of Tax Fraud Is Now Suspect in Plot to Murder Witnesses

A San Diego-area CPA, heading to trial on an $11 million tax fraud scheme, has been arrested for allegedly plotting to hire an acquaintance to murder two people planning to testify for the prosecution.

IRS Sends Warning about New Education Tax Credit Scam

A new scam is targeted at those with so little income that they normally don't need to file a tax return. The scam involves trying to persuade victims to file a false tax return to claim a refund or stimulus payment based on the American Opportunity Tax Credit, even if the victim isn't eligible.

Stars Bring Home a Shiny Oscar, Serious Swag, and a Big Tax Bill

Everyone knows that it’s an honor just to be nominated for an Oscar, but for those who didn’t go home with a glittery statuette, they can be comforted by an African safari, plastic surgery or two nights at a luxury resort. And, of course, a tax bill.

IRS Discourages Tax Return Drop-offs at Taxpayer Assistance Centers

The IRS has indicated that Taxpayer Assistance Centers plan to discourage tax preparers from bulk drop-offs of tax returns for processing and mailing.
Election 2012

Obama's Corporate Tax Plan Begins to Take Shape

Last week, President Obama unveiled the framework for an extensive corporate tax package. It didn't take long for his rivals to poke holes in the plan. In fact, the Republican front-runner for the presidency, Mitt Romney, chose the very same day on the campaign trail to present his own economic program.

Technical Computer Issues at IRS Delay Tax Refunds

Early bird tax filers are finding it's taking longer than usual to receive their federal income tax refunds this year. For 2011 returns filed during the first full week of February, it's taking from fifteen to twenty-one days, or even longer in some cases, to receive a refund.

Maryland Tax Defier Sentenced to Sixty-Five Months in Prison

Andrew Isaac Chance of Maryland was sentenced to sixty-five months in prison for filing false claims for tax refunds and for filing a false retaliatory lien against a federal prosecutor. The sentencing was announced today by the Justice Department, IRS Criminal Investigation, and TIGTA.


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