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Flying Coach: The Latest Employee Indignity?

As the economy takes a downturn, so too do employee travel allowances, reports Fortune Magazine in a recent article.Rolfe Shellenberger, a senior consultant at travel consultancy Runzheimer International, notes that corporate travel budgets have been cut 25 percent to 50 percent in the past year. One of the first things to go is first class and business class airfare.The cuts in amounts allowed for air travel as well as other setbacks may have a trickle-down effect.
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Training - A Key to Increased Productivity

Article provided by Gary Boomer, CPA of Boomer ConsultingMany firms are busy evaluating new opportunities to provide services such as consulting and financial services. Many firms are also trying to meet deadlines on a backlog of work with a limited supply of experienced accountants. This past year has been the most profitable year ever for the majority of accounting firms.
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Build a Training Program For New Employees

We are all aware of the implications of poor hiring and training decisions. They can cost the company time and money, and they can result in low employee morale. One basic step to ensuring that new hires get off to a positive start is to conduct an effective employee orientation and training program. Employees who are properly trained and introduced to the company early feel better about their choice of employer and usually fit in more quickly.

Ten Tips: Help Employees Make Most of 401(k) Plan

Hewitt Associates, the global management consulting and outsourcing firm specializing in human resources solutions, offers ten tips to help employees make intelligent decisions about how to get the most from their company-sponsored 401(k) plans."For many employees, a 401(k) plan is their only source of retirement income, so it's critical that this benefit is used to its full potential," says Lori Lucas, defined contribution consultant at Hewitt.For those people who will rel

Are You an Employee or an Independent Contractor?

Working for yourself, either full- or part-time, means that you are not working as someone else's employee. You are considered to be either a sole proprietor or an independent contractor. But how do you know if you are self-employed or if the check you receive should have taxes withheld?If you are an independent contractor, you may perform services for someone who pays you for those services, but that person does not employ you.

Negative Employees Affect the Bottom Line

Article by Jan Spak, Certified Human Resources Professional, President of Jan Spak HR Services"In the long run, the pessimist may be proved right, but the optimist has a better time." (Anonymous)At one time or another, we’ve all had to work with people who make a difficult job even more frustrating. As much as we would like to avoid these “negative Nellies”, the reality is that working in a team environment makes that virtually impossible to do.So what can you do when you have to work with negative people who affect your job performance?

Largest Job Board Web Directory Launched

Advanced Internet Recruitment Strategies (AIRS), the global leader in e-recruitment training and information services, has launched the AIRS Job Board Directory - the largest collection of Internet job boards. The new Web site, with over 3,000 links to job boards, is classified into hundreds of specialty areas. According to AIRS analysts, the number of job boards has exploded since 1998 as newspapers, radio stations, Internet portals, trade publications, professional organizations, and Internet communities of all types have realized that offering jobs is a way to serve their audiences.
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Deloitte Determined to Advance Women

Big Five firm Deloitte & Touche has announced the launch of a new initiative called Vision 2005. The program provides a new set of goals for the company with the objective of doubling the rate at which women are admitted to partner or director positions by 2005.The current female partner/director admission rate at D&T is 18 percent. The company expects this rate to reach 35% by 2005. James E.
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Study Finds CPA Firms Need to Change Benefits

To address the current staffing crisis, what should CPA firms do to keep their people happy?The first place to look may be the benefits package, according to a survey released this week at the AICPA Staffing Forum in Broomfield, Colorado.
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Attracting and Retaining Talent in Your Firm - Helpful Tips

Small CPA firms face a challenge in today's competitive employment market. Quality accounting professionals are a hot commodity, and smaller firms often lose candidates to the big starting salaries and name recognition at larger firms. What can smaller firms do to be competitive? Be creative. There are many programs and policies that can turn small firms into aggressive competitors in the hunt for CPAs.Get your firm in the public eye.First, get involved with the community to establish name recognition.

Does Your Firm Monitor Employees at Work?

In April 2001 the American Management Association published its annual survey on workplace monitoring and surveillance. The survey found that 78 percent of employers of large U.S. firms are recording and reviewing their employee’s electronic communications. This surveillance includes the storage and review of telephone conversations, voice mail and e-mail messages, and computer files.

Maximize Performance of Temporary Help

Many firms hire temporary employees in the summer, or at other times of the year when the workload is heavier than usual. Time and resources for training temporary help are at a premium. Employers want to see productivity from temporary workers and temporary workers want to learn as much as possible - all in a relatively short amount of time. So how can you best take advantage of the time available?
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A New Bottom Line for Next Generation Accountants

Research conducted by Robert Half International, Inc.

Leading Organizational Change

Today's economy is typified by change, but is this anything new? An ancient Greek philosopher is quoted as having said, "There is nothing permanent except change." And that was thousands of years ago.Change is here to stay, and to survive we must all understand it, embrace it, and learn to use it to our advantage. Your human resources and change management strategies can have a significant impact on the organization's bottom line and you must ensure that your workforce is flexible and responsive in order to meet changes in market and business demands.
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Keep Your Business Growing-Get Ideas From Your Staff

Is there anyone who hasn't worked for a company that has tried the "Suggestion Box" method of soliciting ideas? When it comes down to it, besides the owner, company employees know a company best and can offer the most worthwhile ideas for improvement.

Retaining Your Star Performers - A How-to Guide

Have you ever played that game of "remember when?" Well, let’s play that game right now. Remember when employees were hired right out of high school or college and they looked at employment as a lifetime commitment? Remember when employers gave modest yearly raises and told employees that they were doing a good job and the employees happily stayed at their jobs? Remember when the market was so full of potential employees that the people working for you were just happy to have a job and wouldn’t even think about looking for another? Well, welcome to the new world.

Economy Slowing, but Benefits Growing

Hewitt Associates, the global management consulting and outsourcing firm, has released a survey of 1,020 major U.S.
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PwC Faces More Staff Cuts, Restructures Workforce

Not long after announcing cuts of approximately 1,000 members of the consultancy staff at U.S. PwC locations, the firm is back in the news with more pink slips. This time, it's the back office functions - mailroom and clerical jobs - that are being reduced.The work required of these positions is not being cut, but the people remaining on the jobs will have consolidated responsibilities.
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Cost-of-Quality Auditing For Your Firm

Have you ever wondered how much it is costing your firm when work is not done correctly the first time and has to be redone? Cost-of-quality auditing, or more specifically, cost-of-poor-quality auditing, answers this question.
Technology Provides Recruiting Tools for Deloitte & Touche, the leading global online careers site announced that it will provide an innovative package of online recruiting tools and solutions for Big Five professional services firm Deloitte & Touche LLP.


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