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How Am I Doing? Employees Want To Know!

By Bruce L. Katcher, Ph.D. President of The Discovery GroupTHE PROBLEM:Our research shows that employees crave performance feedback but that their supervisors are doing a poor job of giving it to them. 60 percent of employees say that they don't receive ongoing feedback about their job performance throughout the year.Here are some reasons why supervisors avoid providing feedback: 
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Professional Trends in Accounting For 2003

By Max Messmer, chairman and CEO of Robert Half International Inc.A number of important developments will affect accounting professionals in 2003. New regulations, changing job responsibilities, emerging technologies and specialties, and a more moderate hiring climate are a few of the key issues. Individuals who adapt quickly to these trends will be in the strongest position for career advancement this year. WANTED: A DIVERSIFIED SKILL SET Accountants continue to assume broader responsibilities, undertaking more of an advisory role with their clients.
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Protect Your Business Against Employee Fraud

Employee theft is surprisingly common and can devastate your business. Consequently, it is worthwhile to put an anti-theft program into place, which includes internal auditing and monitoring.
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Deloitte's Dads Work For Father Friendly Company

The non-profit Illinois Fatherhood Association (IFA), an organization dedicated to addressing the problem of fatherhood absence, has named Deloitte & Touche's Chicago office Illinois's Father Friendly Company of the Year.The first annual award honors the company that has made the greatest progress in developing programs aimed at helping working fathers balance their job with the needs of their families. Deloitte & Touche has "clearly become an innovator in father-friendly workplace programming," said Brandon Taylor, director of the IFA. Mr.

When Was Your Last Humor Audit? Tax Time Tee-Hee

By Karen SusmanIn this wild and crazy world, it is almost comforting to know that you will once again audit all the receipts you have stuffed into grocery bags. You will be asking yourself pertinent questions such as, "Can I deduct hours spent watching Dr. Phil as a medical expense?"When was the last time you asked yourself, "Am I having any fun yet?" If your response was, "Get serious," believe me, this is.

Busy Season Stress Busters…Part One

Here are some ideas to help ease the stress of tax season from the members of Have a Friday Dessert Contest - Have spouses children bake desserts for the staff such as cookies, brownies and other finger foods each week and give a bouquet of flowers each week to the contest winner.  
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Seven Ways to Inspire Confidence in Your Staff

By Christopher KnightCATCH them doing something right, and immediately praise them. Because they look up to you, you need to set the example, and set the standards in the organization. Confidence happens when folks feel good about themselves. Make sure that you hire a team, free of drugs, such as alcohol, crack, or any other mind-controlling negative drug. BEGIN each morning with physiology exercises, to get everyone's heart pumping, which will raise their self esteem. Guard your discussions.

Telecommuting Wrong And Telecommuting Right

By SpherionTelecommuting is extremely popular ... on paper. Businesses large and small relish the promise of reduced costs, improved productivity and increased retention, but when it comes to cutting the corporate cord and sending workers home, many begin to lose their nerve. If we can't see him, how do we know he's really working? How can she contribute to the team when she's not here to be a part of it? While employers are theoretically supportive of telecommuting, the practical results they seek are often elusive.

Discipline Done Right - Free Report

If an HR department could choose one management function to avoid, it would be disciplining employees. As demonstrated through countless court cases over the past few years, the lack of, or improper implementation of, discipline procedures could result in a whirlpool of fines and lawsuits that will negatively affect your company's bottom line and ultimately hurt your employees. This free report will provide you with the information you need to create an air-tight discipline procedure for protecting your company.

Businesses Face Health Care Dilemma; Teamsters Win Another Round

Last week the Teamsters union negotiated the highest health increase ever in the freight industry. While health costs are increasing at an unprecedented rate and employers are cutting benefits, raising the cost of employee participation, or both, the major trucking companies agreed to health and pension fund increases of $3.10 per hour and a continuation of the no-co-pay policy that is nearly non-existent among the rest of corporate America.
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How to Avoid The Six Traps of Accounting & Finance Careers

By, Bruce Pounder TALENT AND HARD WORK DON'T GUARANTEE SUCCESSMany accounting and finance professionals find themselves frustrated in their career progress. Few of them expect something for nothing - most recognize that hard work and talent are necessary to secure desirable career opportunities and superior compensation. Yet so many smart, hard-working financial professionals find that their intelligence and diligence goes unrewarded while colleagues who exhibit the same talent and effort enjoy much more rewarding careers.

Creating a Stress-Free Busy Season

by Sandra L. Wiley, COO, Boomer Consulting, Inc.You can thrive, not just survive, during this upcoming busy season. You just need to do five things:- Keep your expectations rational. - Take care of yourself. - Take control of your time and limit your commitments. - Create a positive work environment. - Embrace your family and friends.These tips will help you reduce stress, relax, and breeze through the busy season feeling rested, grounded, and in control.Keep Your Expectations Rational
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Five Ways to Coordinate Your Staff's Time Off Using MS Office

Coordinating your staff's busy schedules can be a challenge, especially when the people you manage have different meeting schedules, vacation plans, and requirements for time away.

IRS Form 2848 Is A Must For Military Personnel Being Deployed

If you have clients or a loved one being sent overseas in the next few months, then make sure they have the IRS FORM 2848. The IRS Form 2848 "Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative" enables a spouse to sign the couple's tax return, easing the way for trouble-free tax filing. When you complete the form "Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative", you must show the type of tax, the tax form number, and the year or period(s) for which the power is granted.

Workplace Violence is Latest Business Concern

For most people, going to work every day isn’t expected to be a life-threatening experience. But more and more companies are finding there are risks in the workplace that have to be addressed as an insurance concern.It is the employer’s responsibility, where possible, to provide a safe place for employees to do their work.

Free Report - HR Audit Step-by-Step Guide

Problems such as the lack of a compliant and up-to-date policy handbook or the ability for an HR department to back their decisions up with knowledge and confidence could set off a legal spark that might cost companies millions of dollars in legal costs. Fortunately a new free report posted on AHI’s Employment Law Resource Center dispenses the knowledge to prevent any sparks from burning a company’s bottom line.
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Communicating Pay Changes: Suggestions For 2003

By, Pat Zingheim and Jay Schuster http://www.paypeopleright.comWhen you think of it, your organization’s pay program is really a powerful communicator of values and directions to your employees. How many times have you heard people say, "You get what you pay for"?

Preparing For Performance Appraisal Interviews - Free Download

This free report provides a step-by-step guide for conducting appraisal interviews successfully and legally, plus includes a free form you can use to rate your Performance Appraisal interview techniques. No matter how much a company spends to implement and perfect an effective performance appraisal system, preparation is key. Lack of preparation by managers could lead to problems, such as high turnover and legal situations. Prevent these and other problems from eating away at your company's bottom line by downloading this free report.

Motivating & Retaining Tax Preparers

By, Charles E. McCabe After you have invested considerable time and money recruiting and training tax preparers, you must now determine how to make sure those valuable employees are productive and get them to remain loyal to your firm. Retention of tax preparers is essential to maintain client relationships and keep recruiting and training costs in line. Losing an experienced tax preparer almost always results in significant costs to your firm. The keys to employee satisfaction and retention are founded on strong leadership and sound management practices.

HIPAA Privacy Rule Takes Effect April 14, 2003 - Be Informed

The HIPAA "Privacy Rule" goes into effect April 14 for group health plans with annual premium or claims of $5 million or more. HIPAA requires employers to separate protected health information from employment-relation functions. If you are a company who sponsors an employee health care plan, be prepared for the Privacy Rules of The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


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