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Onsite health clinics and wellness centers provide health and savings

Some big-name companies are offering convenient, low-cost health care services in their offices and are cutting costs as a result.Pepsi Bottling Group, Florida Power and Light, Toyota, Sprint Nextel, and Credit Suisse, for example, offer onsite health services, which are proving to be cost-effective for the employers and employees alike. The clinics offer flu shots, check-ups, allergy shots, or maintenance programs for chronic diseases like asthma and diabetes.
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Onsite day care makes mandatory Saturday workdays a family affair

Accountants know that mandatory Saturdays during tax season will be, well, taxing. But when you add small children to the mix, mandatory Saturdays can become a daycare nightmare. But not at Goldstein Schechter Koch. The Coral Gables, and Hollywood FL firm is offering working parents much needed relief and support in the form of complimentary daycare on Saturdays between January and April 15."Mandatory Saturdays are quite a challenge for families," said Goldstein Schechter Koch Director of Marketing Christine Suchyna.

Deloitte survey shows talent shortage is most pressing concern for employers

A shortage of skilled and talented workers has become the most pressing concern among employers, supplanting the perennial leading problem, rising cost of health care, according to the 14th annual Top Five Total Rewards Priorities survey conducted by Deloitte Consulting LLP and the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists (ISCEBS).Nearly three-quarters of the 413 U.S. human resources professionals surveyed cited talent as their top concern.

Court rules 401(k) participants may sue plan administrators

In a unanimous decision the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in February that individual participants of defined contribution pension plans such as 401(k) plans are protected under section 502(a)(2) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and may sue for losses resulting from a breach of fiduciary duties.
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RSM McGladrey wins award for work-life solution

RSM McGladrey, a leading accounting, tax and business consulting firm, received The Conference Board's Moving Into the Future Award for their innovative Coach-on-Call WorkLife solution.

Flextime arrangements gain popularity among employers, employees

As commutes grow and cubicles shrink, workers in the United States are eagerly exploring the potential of flexible work arrangements. Likewise, more and more employers are considering policies that allow employees to work whenever and wherever they can be most productive. A survey commissioned last year by Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Vista mobility team to study attitudes toward this trend found that 77 percent of American office workers interviewed would like the opportunity to shift their work hours or to work remotely.
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New rules proposed for auto enrollment 401(k) plans

While the Internal Revenue Service has decided to keep the limit of total employee contributions to 401(k) plans at $15,500 for traditional plans and $10,500 for SIMPLE plans for 2008, the agency has proposed rules changes to the optional safe harbor 401(k) plans that provide for automatic enrollment, CCH reports.
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Not just horsing around: CPA finds fulfillment with two careers

By Amy L. Welch, Director of Communications, Oklahoma Society of Certified Public AccountantsHer license plate frame reads, "I'd Rather Be Trail Riding," and though passer-bys may believe it's wishful thinking, for Ann Cole, CPA, it's an after-work routine."I can't live without them," she said of her horses. "It's stress relief."For Cole, it's also a job.
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PwC report outlines expectations of new, younger workforce

A new global report from PricewaterhouseCoopers, "Managing Tomorrow's People: The Future of Work to 2020," illustrates how organizations need to adapt to the demands of a rapidly changing world and provides scenarios of future business models to help companies anticipate change and address how they will attract, retain, and motivate the people they will need in the future. PwC surveyed 2,793 graduates from China, the U.K. and U.S.

New tips for leveraging an aging workforce

One of the most anticipated workplace trends of the 21st Century is the huge retirement wave that will hit most industrialized countries, including the United States, in the next few years.

Effort to stop workplace bias against gays, lesbians spurs mixed reactions

As a lesbian with more than a decade of experience in biotechnology, Deb Connor has seen attitudes about gays in the workplace evolve, and she credits anti-discrimination laws for helping break down barriers."It's difficult to legislate peoples' attitudes," Connor said, as quoted in the New Hampshire Business Review.
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The partner sabbatical: Affirming core values and re-energizing the individual

For the partners and principals in accounting firms with sabbatical policies for senior personnel, professionals who have long demonstrated their dedication to client service, the sabbatical means an opportunity to recharge their batteries and reconnect with their families in special ways. Firms benefit externally when clients can see the strength of their teams, and internally because the staff who step up to the plate in the partner's absence are empowered to grow in their new roles and responsibilities.

Risky business: Facing adversity and riding the storm

Noah's Ark is the oldest example of a contingency plan, described in the Hebrew Scriptures as a great boat designed to save Noah, his family, and a fair few animals from the great flood. It's nothing new, therefore, to plan for the unexpected whether that is natural or man-made disasters. And there are plenty of examples to glean lessons from, including the recent fires of southern California, Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. terror attacks of 9/11, to name only a few.

Survey: Two-thirds who call in sick aren't really ill

A new survey suggests that U.S.

Mentor: What is it and who needs it?

The concept of mentoring generates enthusiastic discussion in the business world. Successful people readily acknowledge the impact of both informal and formal mentors on their personal and professional lives. Yet it is often difficult to define exactly what a mentor is. One definition describes a mentor as "someone who is considered to be a trusted and knowledgeable counselor, someone with the experience to guide another individual's development." This definition helps clarify what a mentor is, but other questions come to mind. What should I look for in a mentor?

Wellness programs: Well-intentioned, but too intrusive for some

Wellness programs have been popular with companies looking to lower their health care costs for years, but some observers are starting to question just how far these programs should go.As health care costs continue spiraling every year, some companies are taking a more assertive role in their quest for employee wellness.

Global accountant shortage worries employers

Employers around the world continue to feel the effects of a shortage of accounting and finance professionals, according to the recently released Robert Half International Global Financial Employment Monitor. More than half of the finance and human resources managers surveyed - 56 percent - reported difficulty finding skilled job candidates, and 43 percent expressed concern about losing top performers to other job opportunities.

Strange interview experiences: "I've got an unemployment allergy"

Conducting job interviews can be time consuming, but for many employers these meetings are far from boring. Executives were recently asked to describe the strangest pitches they've heard from potential hires. The responses ranged from a person who noted that he'd be a great addition to the company softball team to the candidate who sang her responses to interview questions. The national poll included responses from 150 senior executives - including those from human resources, finance and marketing departments - with the nation's 1,000 largest companies.

IRS delays implementation of transportation debit/smart cards

The IRS has issued Notice 2007-76, the purpose of which is to delay the effective date of Revenue Ruling 2006-57. Revenue Ruling 2006-57 provides guidance to employers on the use of smartcards, debit or credit cards, or other electronic media which can be used by employees to pay for qualified transportation fringe benefits under Internal Revenue Code Sections 132(a)(5) and 132(f).
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Ten things to think about before offering a payroll service to clients

Online payroll processing technologies are rapidly changing the economics of payroll services and are providing profitable solutions designed for accountants whose small business clients want help managing the process. "Offering payroll services leads to a higher retention level. The client has the need and can go somewhere else," says Phil Christensen CPA, sole proprietor and owner of Christensen Consulting LLC in Olympia, Washington.


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