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Opening Closed Doors - Work Your Business Relationships

You are ready for a spectacular year. The resolution has been made: you are committed to working on your business relationships and advancing your career. You began reviewing the list of prospects who said "No" to you last year. Sure, they may have turned you down in the past but the New Year usually brings changes; changes in the economy, in technology and in your prospective client's business. If your approach is merely to touch base and see if they are in a better purchasing position, you have the same plan as every other salesperson.

Survey Finds Employees Feel They Are Not Treated With Respect

By The Discovery GroupPart 1 - THE PROBLEMOne out of every two employees feels he or she is not treated with respect and dignity by the management of their organization.Does this matter? Of course! Without management respect, employees will eventually: Lose their respect for management, Stop trusting management, Become resentful and less motivated, and  Lose commitment to the organization and its goals.Part 2 - WHAT CAN BE DONE?
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Three Ways to Grow Your Practice in 2002

By Rich Walker, CPA, Director of IntuitAdvisorA new year means new opportunities for accountants to grow their practice. Here are some words of wisdom that will help you succeed in 2002.1. Focus on Great ServiceIt might sound simplistic, but superior customer service is the number one way to retain customers. Some suggestions for maintaining a great customer relationship are:Be responsive. Let your clients know they're important.

Avoiding the Reactionary Technology Trap

By T. Rose Rovelto, CPA, CITP, Boomer ConsultingThere is a significant difference in the leadership of firms that strategically research and plan for their technology purchases in comparison to those that spend their technology dollars on an “as-needed” basis. The latter firms are usually in a crisis mode and have fallen into what we call, “the Reactionary Technology Trap”. In this situation, the firm is making purchases in reaction to a problem rather than purchasing technology as a solution.
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2002 Trends in Human Resources

Reprinted courtesy of HRnext As we embark on a new year, the editors at HRnext put their heads together and came up with a list of trends they think will be the focus of HR departments in 2002: In the midst of an ongoing recession, companies will need more than ever to pay close attention to the bottom line. As a large portion of any company's expenses is related to personnel, HR departments will be asked to play a more strategic and prominent role in company decisions.

Top 10 Technology Predictions For CPAs For 2002

This past week, InfoTech Partners North America, Inc. had the opportunity to present its 2002 Technology Predictions at Management Summit to over 100 of the leading CPA firms and Associations in the country. Below we have recapped our predictions to share of our view of the year ahead.

Top Ten Steps To Effective Delegation

Executives and managers are often left feeling frustrated when their staff doesn't perform a task the way they expected. This can be eliminated by sharpening your communication and filling in the gaps that are often left open for interpretation. Here are some guidelines.Step 1. Know what the task is.Step 2. Have the end result/desired outcome you want to produce in mind.Step 3. Find the person you need to delegate to and give them the task.Step 4. Share with them the results you desire.Step 5. Ask and inform them why it's important.

Ten Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Communication Style

It's fascinating that the activity which occupies approximately 70% of our waking hours is what we have difficulty with most. The fact is, most of us were never taught how to communicate in a way that produces desired results, and so we continue to experience frustration, resistance, conflicts, or breakdowns. Take a look at some of the obstacles that may prevent you from reaching certain objectives during the communication process.We want to be heard and listened to but don't always concentrate on the quality of our message or give the gift of our own listening.

Anti-XYZ Voters: Modern Day Luddites?

By Ronald J. Baker, Daniel D. Morris and Justin H. Barnett - Founders, VeraSage Institute. The following opinion piece is a follow up to the authors' article "We Are Cognitors" published on AccountingWEB in August 2001.
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Looking Back at 2001 - More Questions Than Answers

The following editorial is from Marty Rosenberg, President of the Illinois CPA Society. Mr. Rosenberg will be stepping down from his position this year after twenty five years of distinguished service to the Society and to the profession.For the CPA profession, 2001 was a veritable merry-go-round of change, controversy and criticism from regulators.

Survey - Seven Major Complaints From Employees

These seven major employee complaints can be successfully addressed. To do so, however, requires a proactive approach and senior management involvement. The Employee FOURF-earful - about losing their jobs; O-verworked - due to the large number of cutbacks that have taken place; U-nappreciated - for the hard work and stress that they are enduring; and R-esentful - about the lack of respect they are receiving. Seven Major Complaints  
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Improve Profitability Through Efficient Scheduling

This article written by Steven T. Erickson CPA, CVA Consultant-Advisor to Professional Service Firms.In these days of personnel shortages, high labor costs and the resulting price-cost squeeze, you might want to take some of your own good advice to maximize the profitability of your firm.Gross revenue measures (realization percentage, billed rate per hour, etc.) are not the most useful tools to manage your practice when rapidly escalating personnel costs can’t be passed on to the client.

Job Sharing - The Latest Benefit In the Workplace?

By Sarah Werley, Over the last few years, the workplace landscape has changed. New philosophies and new benefits make employment a whole new ballgame for professionals such as you. Flextime, telecommuting, on-site childcare…the list goes on of evolving on-the-job programs. The latest trend? Job Sharing. It's a relatively new idea that seems to be catching on quickly, especially among working parents and students.

Maximizing Tax Season 2002

This article was written by Roman Kepczyk, founder of InfoTech Partners North America.The 2002 tax season is around the corner, so it is important that you focus on fine-tuning processes and procedures to ensure that this is the smoothest tax season ever. Below are some opportunities for creating a more efficient busy season.1-Digital document storage: Put procedures in place to immediately begin storing a PDF copy of every final tax return in your client directory whenever you print out the final copy of the return for the client and the IRS.

Role of the Marketing Director and What Creates Results

The Role of the Marketing Director and What Creates Marketing ResultsPresented by Allan BoressAllan S.

Who Should be Involved in Business Development?

This article provided by Allan S. Boress, CPA, CFE of Allan S. Boress & Associates A fellow recently approached me at a conference I was speaking at and asked me about whom in their firm should be involved in practice development. It was his opinion that only a handful should participate, whereas I mentioned that everyone should be included.
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Motivating Partners and Staff to Marketing Action, with Allan Boress

Motivating Partners and Staff to Marketing ActionPresented by Allan BoressAllan S. Boress and AssociatesContact aboress@aol.comTuesday, February 6, 2001Visit the AccountingWEB Workshop Calendar for upcoming sessions.Summary


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