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Too Much To Do, All the Time?

A growing number of accounting professionals face too many interruptions, have too much to do, and not enough time to do it. If this happens to be your lot, and you've been looking for solutions, you'll find some here.

Seven Steps to Perfect Firm Marketing

Marketing is challenging, whether you're a seasoned professional or the designated marketing person in your firm because there's no one else to do the job. John Jantsch, president of Duct Tape Marketing, shares his strategies.

Yes, Microsoft Excel Is Talking to You

From time to time, you may need to compare a set of figures or text in an Excel spreadsheet to a paper document, and doing so can be time consuming and error-prone. Expert David Ringstrom offers a better approach.
Education & Careers

Career Benefits for CPAs Who Obtain Their CITP

For CPAs seeking additional professional versatility, the Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) certificate offers many benefits, including increased earning potential.

Innovation: Key to Growth or Succession

Many accounting firm owners are considering new opportunities and ways to reinvent their firms before handing them over to their successors. Gary Boomer offered his insights at the recent Boomer Summit.

Helping Clients through Better Benchmarking

Providing your business clients with industry-specific financial benchmarking will improve their business's performance. To provide real value, you need industry data that's accurate, up to date, and relevant to your client's size and location.

Guide to Hiring IT Staff (Part 2) - IT Administrator

Does your accounting firm need to create an IT team or expand an existing team? Xcentric Account Manager Jonathan Hull shares his insights on how accountants can make skillful decisions when hiring IT staff.

Providing a Five-Star Client Experience Every Day

How do you ensure your prospects and clients love their relationship with your firm every step of the way? Jennifer Katrulya shares her insight on ways you can create a "five-star experience" for your clients, each and every day.

How's Your 'Other' Audience?

Often, your staff will take your marketing message to customers and prospects, and they're almost certainly the ones who will deliver on the promises your marketing campaign makes. Take some concrete steps to make sure they get it.

Microsoft to Fully Embrace Open Document Standards

After years of hegemony, Microsoft has finally acknowledged that the world wants to be able to save documents in open formats that are freely shareable with other software applications.

EEOC State Data Shows Trends, Areas to Watch

In 2011, the EEOC received a record-setting number of charges from those claiming employment discrimination: 99,947 in fiscal year 2011, compared to 99,922 in 2010, and an increase from 82,792 in 2008.

Excel Tip: Calculating Interest

In his latest article in our Excel Tips series, expert David Ringstrom explains how to calculate interest within a single worksheet cell.

What's VDI? Is It Right for Your Firm?

VDI is a hyped term in the tech market right now, and it has become ambiguous - it's more a concept than a technology. VDI encompasses a suite of technologies, so it's important to distinguish between what's being delivered and how it's set up.

Become a Trusted Business Advisor – 3 Ways

When a business owner is searching for an accountant, choosing one isn’t so simple. Providing financial services – despite what some of your tax-only clients may believe – is far from a commodity.

Managing Excel Add-ins

In his latest article in our Excel Tips series, expert David Ringstrom explains how to manage Excel add-ins, including all the toolbars, ribbons, and headaches that come with them.

Looking to Sell Your Firm? Merge Instead.

You're at the point where you don't want to stop working, but you know you can no longer run your firm for years to come. Should you sell the firm?

Employee Benefits When Times Are Tough

Heath care continues to grow increasingly expensive. So does the rent. So do the coffee and creamer you offer your staff. While some of these may only seem like pennies, pennies add up after a while.
Education & Careers

Exit Interviews: Too Little, Too Late

"We need to talk." Those words typically signal the end of a romantic relationship. But the same holds true when an employee - usually one of the "stars" - wants to leave his or her current firm or company.
AccountingWEB Life

Nine Tips for Decluttering Your Life

You know when you're hanging on to too much stuff and when you should pare down, but how can you begin to declutter with minimum pain and gnashing your teeth? Guest writer Jeff Davidson offers some suggestions.

Control Inventory before It Controls You

Mary Ellen Biery, research specialist for Sageworks Inc., offers advice you can share with your merchandizing clients.


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