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Don’t be caught without workflow in your paperless system

Currently some workflow and document management systems are designed to function independently of one another, making it necessary to run several different applications to perform two tasks that go hand-in-hand. Is it possible for workflow and document management to coexist? Here are some details to consider when combining a workflow and document management system. Document management has many known benefits relating to reducing overhead, but is going paperless enough in an effort to save costs for the small office? Having access to electronic documents is not the only way to save money.

Telecommuting calculator adds up savings for employees and employers

The folks at, the Web site jam-packed with everything you need to know about working from home, have introduced the Telework Savings Calculator. Based on U.S. Census data and other information, the calculator can help determine if working from home is beneficial to you as an employer and as an employee. It also reflects the environmental impact of not getting in a car each day and commuting to work.

Scrub data before getting rid of old computers

Company officials know that they must properly dispose of computers to protect personal information as well as the environment.Here are some tips for companies and for individuals who are looking to upgrade old computers without unwittingly making the hard drives available to identity thieves. Think of all the passwords, account numbers, addresses, phone numbers, tax returns, medical information, registration numbers for software programs and other information that's available.

Five Business IT tips to make your firm a green champion

Our sister site,, has shared with us some suggestions for greener use of technology from Business IT Guide.1. Install Local Cooling, a freeware application that lowers your computer's power consumption and allows you to customize the amount of power you want to save. It tells you how much KWh you save and even the equivalent of trees.2. Use a laptop rather than a desktop. Desktops, especially Intel P4 computers shipped between 2003 and 2005, are notorious for being power drains.

Green technologies may be key to leading country out of the red

Partly because of the recent financial downturn in the United States, public schools have often had to look to creative means to fund important programs and priorities.

Desire to be Greener: Web site details energy incentives by state may sound like a romance Web site for Americans but the acronym stands for the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency and it has everything to do with being green. The popular site provides a fast and efficient way to access comprehensive information about renewable energy and energy efficiency incentives and regulatory policies administered by federal and state agencies, utilities, and local organizations.

Greenwashing: Is this business green or only greenish?

Green has many meanings. Green can mean fresh. But green cheese is spoiled. A green employee could be a rookie on the job, or a staff member who got sick eating the green cheese. A green bottom line is flush with profits. A green business is environmentally friendly. Of course there is the actual color green. And then . . . there's greenwash. Greenwash or green sheen occurs when a company understands that being green is good for business, therefore markets itself as green without making any real efforts toward being environmentally friendly.

The Paperless CPA... Or close to it

It's true, your firm can green-up without going entirely paperless. But if paperless - or nearly paperless - is a goal, you'll not only save trees and buy fewer ink cartridges, but you'll save in many other ways as well: less space devoted to massive file cabinets, fewer boxes of old files going into the storage locker and later, being rotated out for destruction. No paper cuts from digging through dusty paper files, and much less time spent preparing, copying, assembling, and delivering tax returns and other documents. There are lots of positives, and not many negatives.

You can go green and not give up printing with these tips

You want to go paperless, but there are times when you simply have to use the printer. Never fear. You can be considerate of the environment and still do some printing as you'll see with these office tips, courtesy of our UK sister site, 1. Use both sides of the paperBuying the right printer can make a significant difference in your paper consumption.

Going Green tip: Travel light

The Energy Conservancy recomments traveling light to help reduce your carbon footprint.Cars and trucks run on fossil fuels, which release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In the United States, automobiles produce more than 20 percent of the country's total carbon emissions. Aviation accounts for 3 percent of carbon emissions globally, producing approximately 600 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. 1. Walk or bike instead of driving a car. 2. Combine trips or share rides to reduce your time behind the wheel. 3.

Going Green tip: Upgrade and unplug

the nature Conservancy recomments using ENERGYSTAR appliances to help reduce your carbon footprint.ENERGYSTAR appliances can save from 10 percent to 50 percent off the energy use of conventional appliances. 1. Make sure any new appliances or electronics you buy are ENERGYSTAR. 2. Replace an old printer or fax machine that isn't ENERGYSTAR. 3. Since you can't replace everything, remember to turn off and unplug everything else! POTENTIAL ANNUAL SAVINGS: 0.8 tons CO2

Old computers, unwanted mail: Get rid of them without harming the environment

Everyone knows that reduce, reuse, recycle are the watchwords for the green movement, but transferring those goals into a busy office environment may seem daunting.It doesn't have to be that way. One big problem for many CPA firms is getting rid of old computers. They're an environmental hazard because of the lead and mercury inside, and the data on the hard drives represents a security risk. What to do?Here are a few options, as suggested by Network World. Companies can get a small tax write-off by donating old computers to a nonprofit organization, such as the United Way.

SBA shows its color - turns out it's green

Most of us don't think of federal agencies as being particularly earth conscious. But long before it was cool to be green, the Small Business Administration in its policies was committed to the protection of the natural environment. Not only does the SBA now offer programs dedicated to helping businesses involved in conservation and energy production, but the fact is, all SBA loans have an underlying green element. Part of the approval process for any loan is an environmental assessment by a participating SBA lender.

Business travelers starting to demand green lodging

While some hotels are savvy enough to promote their environmental practices, most are not doing enough to satisfy business travelers who are increasingly demanding green accommodations.More than a third "seek out hotels that are environmentally friendly," according to a new survey of 1,155 business travelers commissioned by Big Four firm Deloitte.


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