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Shake-Up at Accenture As IPO Plans Move Forward

Partners of Accenture will meet this week to decide, among other things, whether or not to launch a partial IPO of the world's largest global consulting firm.Under consideration at the meeting will be the timing of the IPO and the proportion of the company that should be included in the float.
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PwC Launches New Insurance Digest

PricewaterhouseCoopers has announced the launch of Americas Insurance Digest, a new publication in which PwC partners discuss key issues in the insurance industry.The first issue includes the following topics:Closing the Information Gap - current trends in business reporting beyond the traditional accounting framework.Tomorrow's Leading Non-Life Insurer - optimal business models for survival and success in the 21st century.A Matter of Privacy - key issues that senior executives should consider in developing a privacy program that will meet legislative requirements
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Enterprise Risk Management - Keys to Success

Your firm may be covered in the event of theft, fire or flood, but that is not enough in the business world today.
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PwC Celebrates after Elton John Loses Court Claim

PricewaterhouseCoopers emerged with its reputation and bank account intact after singing knight Sir Elton John's multi-million dollar claim against the firm was dismissed by the High Court in England.KPMG was also involved in the claim as the firm Elton John turned to in 1998 when he ditched his then manager John Reid and their mutual accountant Price Waterhouse.When the public got wind of a discarded memo discovered in the Price Waterhouse trash bins alluding to allegations that the flambouyant singer was living beyond his means, the singer was convinced that he was justified in
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Preventing Embezzlement -- Back to Basics

This article provided by Tim Anglim, CPA, CMA of the
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Deloitte Reportedly Selling Consultancy Business

Deloitte & Touche is reportedly waiting for clearance from the Securities and Exchange Commission to sell off its consultancy businesses.The name of the prospective buyer is, at this point, a closely guarded secret.Deloitte & Touche is the last of the Big Five firms to hold on to its consultancy.

Centerprise Appoints Michael Berent COO

Centerprise Advisors, Inc., the nation's 16th largest professional services firm, has added Michael Berent to its senior management team as the firm's Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer - Professional Services.As COO, Mr. Berent will be responsible for leading and managing the strategic development, integration and operating performance of Centerprise. Centerprise offers accounting, litigation support and business planning services to middle market companies.
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PwC Shines with New Internet Portal

PricewaterhouseCoopers has launched its new Internet portal, a high-tech site operating with Flash graphics.The site is designed to showcase the services the Big Five firm has to offer to medium-sized companies.Driving Ambition users are greeted with a user interface that emphasises the motoring motif. Choose "Select your business gear," and a gearstick menu offers a selection of case studies starting from embryonic business ideas, shifting up through finance options and going public offering.
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Andersen Changes its Focus

The Big Five firm, Andersen, has announced its intent to tighten its focus to provide fewer services and target smaller regional markets. Andersen is the smallest of the Big Five firms, and has indicated it has no interest in merging with another firm to increase its market presence.The change in strategy will result in Andersen focusing its efforts on areas and countries where it has the most expertise.
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Strategic Vision - All Firms Need It

This article provided by Gary Boomer, CPA, of Boomer Consulting. Vision is important if your firm plans to grow and prosper. The large firms spend considerable resources on visioning and strategic planning. Building consensus and gaining input from staff, managers, and owners is important. Perhaps your firm is smaller and doesn’t feel it can spend the resources on strategic planning. Based upon what the well-managed firms do, at a minimum, your firm should have a one-page strategic plan with measurable goals.
Technology Provides Recruiting Tools for Deloitte & Touche, the leading global online careers site announced that it will provide an innovative package of online recruiting tools and solutions for Big Five professional services firm Deloitte & Touche LLP.
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CPE Update - Changing With the Profession

The accounting profession has had a long-standing dedication to lifelong learning. The form and substance of CPE have changed considerably over the past 30 years. To keep standards current, the AICPA and NASBA released a joint exposure draft, Statement on Standards for Continuing Professional Education, last year. Its proposed standards emphasize learning plans that assess a CPA's progress toward individual competency goals.

Is High-Tech Your Firm's Niche? Survey Says It Should Be

Coming to a city or town near you in 2001!According to a recent survey of state and local economic development agencies, 97% of respondents view attracting high-tech businesses as a top priority in 2001. As the international and U.S.
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Top Training Companies List Includes CPA Firms

In its March 2001 issue, Training Magazine, one of the top training magazines in the USA, has unveiled its list of the Top 50 Training Organizations in the United States. Among the winners are Andersen (ranked #3) and Michigan-based Plante & Moran, (ranked #28).How do they do it?For Andersen, a couple of notable programs include the firm's coaching and mentoring program, its Global Management Part

Succession Planning - Ensuring the Future of Your Firm

Structuring clear concise career paths for new recruits and staff is a powerful tool to ensure longevity and growth within your firm. By designing and incorporating a succession plan, you are investing in the firm's future leadership.
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Accenture Considering IPO

Although insiders at Accenture are not confirming the reports, industry insiders claim the consulting firm is seriously considering taking itself public in the near future. Reports indicate that the 71,300-employee company is moving beyond the umbrella of consulting to include venture capital, business incubation, and outsourcing services as part of its practice.The firm released revenue figures last week, which showed a rise of 10% over 1999.
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Wells Fargo Buys H.D. Vest for $127 Million

In one of the first bank deals of its kind, Wells Fargo & Co. said Friday that it will pay about $127 million in cash for H.D. Vest, a large Irving, Texas-based financial planning firm that provides services through 6,000 independent tax and financial advisers.H.D.

Partners - A Little Disagreement Can Improve Revenues

Do you and your fellow partners agree on almost everything? If so, you could be damaging the bottom line and threatening the very existence of your mid-size CPA firm. Believe it or not, too much consensus - where owners allow the majority to rule or in those rare instances when all owners really do agree - can harm your revenues and damage your ability to interact, plan, and run the firm cooperatively and profitably. How Consensus Can HurtYou may ask, "Aren't partners supposed to agree? What about the 'united we stand' concept?
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PwC May Not Sell Financial Unit

Big Five firm PricewaterhouseCoopers is believed to be backing off on previously announced plans to sell its Financial Advisory Services unit.
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How Does Your Firm Compare?

In 1999, the U.S. Census Bureau published detailed information on CPA firms for the first time. Statistics indicated that a total of 53,651 CPA firm offices nationwide employed more than 389,340 people, generated total revenues of over $38.6 billion, and supported an annual payroll of over $15.1 billion. The individual reports provide detailed information for each state and metropolitan area and for many larger counties and cities. According to national statistics, the average CPA firm office possesses the following characteristics: 7.26 employees.


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