Google Desktop Search slows Excel

As reported recently on the Daily Dose of Excel site, Charles Williams of DecisionModels.com tried to find out what was causing the delays on certain versions of Excel when he tried to clear a large range of cells. Following further discussions on VBA news groups, it was found that problem could be linked to the EnableEvents property.

Social networking breeds new wave of 'Trojan 2.0' attacks

The great Facebook boom of 2007 has been accompanied by a new generation of phishing and trojan horse virus attacks, according to security experts.In its review of the year, MessageLabs noted that websites such as Facebook, Linked-In, and Plaxo presented rich pickings for identity thieves looking to gather personal information.

CPA Technology Advisor announces annual Readers' Choice Awards

The following announcement was issued by the CPA Technology Advisor on the occasion of their annual Readers' Choice Awards presentations.With the changing of calendars from 2007 to 2008, it's also time to announce the results of the CPA Technology Advisor 2007 Readers' Choice Awards, an annual insight into the minds of tax and accounting professionals. The Awards, featuring more than 25 categories of professional applications, hardware, services and other technologies, give those in these professions a way to express appreciation for the systems that help them in their practice.

Tutorial: Import data from MYOB into Excel. By David Carter.

It is very easy to get nominal transactions out of MYOB and into Excel, although it's a bit of a rocky ride to get them out in the format you want. In this first of two tutorials David Carter shows how to get nominal transactions out of MYOB and into Excel via Excel's Data - Import External Data command. MYOB (for Mind Your Own Business) is one of the most attractive entry-level packages around. It was originally written for the Apple Macintosh and was one of the first Windows packages in the early 90's.

2007 Xmas gadget countdown - the people's choice

Every year in the run-up to Christmas, the executive peripherals editor at our sister site, AccountingWEB.co.uk, Nigel Harris, chooses the objects that most deeply stimulate his electronic desires. We've decided to cross the ocean this year and include Nigel's gadget picks here in the U.S.

Survey says 40 percent of networks at SMBs are not secure

Despite having anti-virus and anti-spam software as well as a firewall installed, four in 10 small and medium sized companies in the United States still do not believe their networks are secure, a new survey shows.In a poll of 455 IT executives for U.S. SMBs, 42 percent said their networks were not secure, even though 96 percent and 93 percent of respondents respectively said they had anti-virus and a firewall installed. Eighty percent said they also used spam filtering.

Wanted: Your favorite Excel macros

Gail Perry, our managing editor, is looking for contributions to a new book she is penning about Excel macros.

Beta version of Microsoft Office Live Workspace is now live

Microsoft Corporation has officially opened its online office document-sharing site. Office Live Workspace is a public open beta site, available to anyone with a Windows Live ID. The focus of the site is the ability for users to share and save documents online. Users must have Microsoft Office applications - Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook - installed on their computers to take advantage of the capabilities of the online site.

Microsoft woos accountants

Following the launch last week of Microsoft Office Accounting 2008, the company has set its sights on the accounting profession.Membership in the Microsoft Professional Accountants' Network (MPAN) is available for free to anyone in the accounting professional and provides accountants with some valuable incentives to start using and recommending the accounting software:One complimentary license of Microsoft Office Accounting ProfessionalFree unlimited support until Septe

ID theft techniques changing constantly

The most popular ways to steal someone’s identity have nothing to do with the Internet.The Center for Identity Management and Information Protection says that mail theft, dumpster diving, stolen wallets, and other low-tech or no-tech methods are used far more often, with only 10 percent of scammers using the Internet exclusively. According to a 2006 Gartner Research study, last year an estimated 15 million people were victims of identity theft.

Whaling and spear phishing are latest scams targeting execs

Cybercriminals, no longer satisfied with a sweeping, general approach, are adding another weapon to their arsenal - so-called spear phishing attacks, or scams that are targeted at specific individuals.Not surprisingly, according to security vendor MessageLabs, the latest targets are executives. Finding the names of top executives is easy - they're usually found on company websites. Cybercrimals then do some research on the individuals and write e-mails that directly relate to their role at the company in hopes that they will click on a link, Network World reported.

Microsoft releases Office Accounting 2008

Microsoft Office Accounting 2008, an enhanced version of the well-received 2007 financial management software for small businesses, is now available. In addition to new features and tools, Office Accounting 2008 has expanded its market distribution to include a bilingual Spanish-English version for the U.S.-based Hispanic market as well as a new product for the United Kingdom.

Sage makes a Peachtree offer some won't be able to refuse

This week, Sage Software announced the availability of free software for the clients of accountants who are ready to make the switch to Peachtree. Through January 31, 2008, accountants who recommend Peachtree to their clients currently using Intuit's QuickBooks can get Peachtree by Sage Complete Accounting 2008 for the clients for free with proof of ownership of QuickBooks. Customers who then make the switch to Peachtree will also get six months of support free, from the date of registration, with the Guaranteed Start-up Success program.

Microsoft releases new security guide for Office 2007

In an effort to help Microsoft Office users remain productive and keep data secure, Microsoft has released a new document, 2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide, designed to help defeat attacks that target e-mail and desktop documents. The guide offers detailed documentation for securing Office 2007 applications to protect against specially written document files with malicious code hidden within them. It is an unfortunate fact that e-mail attachments, macros, and add-ins can contain viruses or other malware.

Can resellers make money out of Software-as-a-Service?

The software as a service (SaaS) model represents a fundamental shift in the dynamics of the computer industry. David Bradshaw, principal analyst with the IT market watcher Ovum outlines issues for resellers - which are also relevant for accountancy firms who get involved with SaaS providers. Software products provide the 'feedstock' for a wide range of other players in the overall software and IT services market. The switch to software as a service has profound effects on many of these players.

A Conversation with Mark Holland: Don't Be Frightened of Software as a Service

Having launched an online accounting service, Revas, Baker Tilly OnLine managing partner Mark Holland urges the accountancy profession to embrace the latest technology tools.Much as it may affront us, there are still those people who subscribe to the old stereotype that accountants are single minded, number crunching, spreadsheet-loving technophobes. While there may be a few who still conform to that image, a great number of us don't as we all realize that technology is continually changing. So too must our profession.

Yankee Group advisory: SMBs demanding Software-as-a-Service

As small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) increasingly move to Web-based accounting applications deployed in Software as a Service (SAAS) arrangement, CPAs face a key decision on whether to help SMBs make the move or stand by and risk losing clients.

Salesforce.com customers victimized by phishing scheme

Customer Relationship Management software vender Salesforce.com has sent a letter to its customers, warning that they may be the targets of malicious software or phishing scams, after one of its employees received a phishing e-mail message and was tricked into divulging a corporate password. In addition to obtaining the employee's password, the scammer was able to download a copy of a customer contact list from the unsuspecting Salesforce.com employee. The list included customer first and last names, company names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and other data.

New Internet Tax Freedom Act becomes law

To no one's surprise, President Bush signed the oddly named Internet Tax Freedom Act Amendments Acts of 2007 last week, extending the moratorium on Internet access taxes for another seven years. This moratorium has been going on since 1998 and will be 16 years old when those who are in favor of the access taxes once again try to blow out its candles.The vote in Congress was unanimous in favor of the moratorium.

Scammers hit those who would help wildfire victims

The Internal Revenue Service has warned taxpayers to be on the lookout for a new e-mail scam that appears to be a solicitation from the IRS and the U.S. government for charitable contributions to victims of the recent Southern California wildfires.In an effort to appear legitimate, the bogus e-mails include text from an actual speech about the wildfires by a member of the California Assembly.The scam e-mail urges recipients to click on a link, which then opens what appears to be the IRS Web site but which is, in fact, a fake.


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