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CFOs confidence on the rise, albeit modestly

A year has made a substantial difference in the practices and mindset of Chief Financial Officers as they continue to lead their companies out of one of the most difficult periods in global financial history.

Health care bill to impact benefits, recession still hurting wages

The government’s health care bill will have lasting effects on employee benefits programs in companies of all sizes, according to a recent survey conducted by Accountants International.

Many small to mid-sized companies expect economy to recover in 2010

Although many companies and individuals still struggle with recession-related challenges, a majority of executives believe the downturn will reverse its course within the year, according to a recent survey.

Blame the economy: More workers are getting to work on time

A tighter job market may be contributing to increased punctuality at work. A new survey reveals that 16 percent of workers said they arrive late to work at least once a week, down from 20 percent in last year's survey.

High 401(k) plan fees continue to deplete retirement savings balances

Despite the U.S. stock market's recovery, Americans are still struggling to make up for the historic losses sustained in their 401(k) plans over the past two years. One main obstacle employees face as they struggle to save is hidden, high 401(k) plan fees.

Senior executives scrutinize risk processes, say economic recovery elusive

As companies search for a path to growth and corporate board members express doubt that the U.S. economy can return to pre-crisis growth in the near-term, boards are putting their more immediate focus on risk management.
Education & Careers

Are federal employees twice as good at their jobs as the rest of us?

Not earning enough in your current job? If you can land a job with the federal government, you could possibly double your total compensation.

Did AIG pay its debt, or just disguise it?

How do you make $25 billion in debt to the American people disappear overnight? Ask the American International Group, better known as AIG.
Community News

Marks Paneth & Shron advises businesses on best practices for 2010

Signs suggest the economy may have hit rock-bottom, but smart businesses and individuals will go into 2010 with their guard up and their belts tightened.

Beware Black Friday: Retailer tricks to avoid

Before you get too excited about Black Friday sales – in store or online -- read the fine print. Retailers use terms like "doorbuster deals," but often the fine print deflates the bargain.

Prince Charles asks for help from U.S. accountants

CPAs can take a leading role in developing the tools and information necessary for companies to embed sustainability issues effectively in their operations.

Cash for Refrigerators program might not be ready by Christmas

The federal government is hoping to roll out a Cash for Clunkers program, this time designed to boost the appliance manufacturing industry.

New hiring credit: Probable law or packed with pitfalls?

Next up on the Obama administration’s agenda could be an incentive to hire, with the goal of jobs creation.

Why are bank fees on the rise?

Bank fees are on the rise, but... Do we need an act of Congress to roll them back?

Holiday travel in your plans? Start searching and comparing now

If you plan on traveling for the holidays, you'll be happy to know that the trend of cheaper flights that took place over the summer is expected to continue through the winter.

Accountants divided on regulatory system overhaul plan

Coming off the heels of the one-year anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse, Ajilon Finance, a specialty finance and accounting recruitment firm, has announced the results of its recent survey of 350 finance professionals which found that accountants are divided on the impact of President Barack Obama's proposal to overhaul the financial regulatory system and increase protections for consumers and individual investors.

New survey reveals that six in ten workers live paycheck to paycheck

Counting down the hours until payday? You're not alone. As the economic downturn trudges on, many workers are struggling with household budgets.

PwC survey describes current state of the commercial real estate market

Despite a still-struggling U.S. economy, most equity investors have remained on the sidelines waiting to capitalize on forced sales and more motivated selling.

U.S. communities take local economy into their own hands

Unwilling to hand over hard-earned paychecks to faceless corporations for goods and services, a handful of communities have created their own commerce.

New Web site provides insights into financial planning for retirement decisions

The American University has launched a new Web site designed to help financial service professionals better understand the complex retirement decisions facing consumers.


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