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IRS Says 2015 Tax-Filing Season Is Strong Out of the Gate

Of the more than 14 million federal income tax returns the IRS received as of Jan. 31, 95 percent were e-filed.

Ask and You Shall Receive: E-filing Up This Tax Season

The IRS strongly encouraged taxpayers to file their 2013 federal income tax return electronically versus mailing a paper return to the agency. So far, 88 percent of the returns the IRS received this tax season were e-filed.

2014 Tax-Filing Season Off to a Roaring Start

From January 31 – the opening day of the 2014 tax-filing season – until February 7, the IRS received 27.3 million income tax returns, up 2.5 percent from the 26.9 million returns it collected around the same time last year, the agency reported today.

IRS Opens Free File Ahead of Tax Season

Tax-filing season doesn’t begin until January 31, but starting today, the estimated 100 million individuals and families with adjusted gross incomes of $58,000 or less for 2013 can prepare, complete, and file their federal tax returns electronically at no cost.

IRS Cites High-Tech Changes for Tax Filing Season

Public demand is up and government funding is down. The nation’s tax collection agency says it will be emphasizing online services and automation to help weather the hectic 2014 tax filing season.

IRS Modifies Multiple Signature Process for Form 1041

As part of its regular review process, the IRS has determined that the Multiple Tax Return Listing (MTRL) process used to electronically file Form 1041, US Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts, must be modified.

IRS Modernized e-File System Gets a Good TIGTA Review

In a report released publicly by TIGTA concluded the IRS Modernized e-File (MeF) system has successfully replaced the agency's Legacy e-File system as the primary e-filing platform for individual tax returns during the 2013 filing season.

IRS Fine-Tunes e-File System to Prevent Processing Delays

After performance issues to its electronic filing system caused delays in processing tax returns during the 2012 filing season, the IRS has made several enhancements to the system over the past year that are expected to improve the tax-filing process.

IRS Warns Tax Preparers to Review Their Safeguards for Client Data

In a March 18 e-mail, the IRS warned tax preparation professionals that the security of taxpayer accounts and personal information should be a top priority, as referenced in Revenue Procedure 2007-40, which outlines the obligations of IRS e-file providers.

IRS Highlights Refund Tracker for Electronic Tax Return Filers

With the federal tax-filing season ready to begin January 30, the IRS wants electronic tax filers (e-filers) to know of its improved Where's My Refund? tracking program.

E-Filing Continues to Grow, Exceeds 80 Percent Goal

Saying that paper tax returns are "steadily becoming a thing of the past," the IRS Oversight Board reports that e-filing of individual tax returns has surpassed an 80 percent goal.

Don't Be Shocked by E-Filing Glitches

The IRS is concerned that e-filing by tax return preparers could be short-circuited by hackers. As a result, it has updated the FAQs on its website outlining the steps to take if your EFIN is compromised.

Could a Real-Time Tax System Become Reality?

IRS Commissioner Shulman has been gearing up the computers to accommodate the "real-time tax system" he has been envisioning for years. Now he needs Congress to pull the trigger on legislation that would authorize this approach.

Need an Extension to File Your Taxes? e-file!

If you have clients who want information about e-filing, you can pass this article along to them. We hope you'll find it helpful.

AICPA wants IRS to allow e-file for S corporation election

The AICPA has recommended that the IRS allow electronic filing of the form electing S corporation status so that taxpayers will have immediate and verifiable conformation of the status.

E-filing mandate tightens for firms handling fiduciary tax returns

For the Spring, 2012, tax season, any firm filing more than 10 Federal fiduciary income tax returns will be required to file electronically, as will firms filing New York State fidiciary income tax returns This change will impact thousands of firms next tax season.
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