Divorce Versus Annulment: It Makes a Big Difference on Your Tax Return

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries cared about how they dissolved their marriage. So does the IRS.

Playing Detective: Using Tax Returns to Uncover Hidden Divorce Assets

If you know which schedules to look at, you can find clues to where an ex-spouse may be hiding money.
Practice Development

Accountants Use Their Skills in Divorce Arena

The fallout from divorce can wreak financial havoc long after the dust in the courtroom has settled. Accountants can help both parties move forward, thanks to their unique knowledge and skills.
Wealth management

TIGTA Investigates 'Missing' Alimony Payments

There's a $2.3 billion difference between what payers of alimony say they've shelled out and what recipients say they've received. TIGTA is very unhappy about this.

How to Get Tax Breaks on Divorce

Divorce is hard, and the IRS isn't going to make it any easier. The IRS generally says "no" to tax deductions that might ease the pain of divorce—but there are exceptions.

Divorce Cases Hold Potential Liabilities for Accountants

Unfortunately, divorcing clients may attempt to increase the amount of money they receive by making a claim against their accountant. When clients divorce, accountants are put in a variety of uncomfortable positions.

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