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Camp Demands Obamacare Subsidy Data from IRS

Republicans are continuing their efforts to dig up dirt on Obamacare. On November 6, Dave Camp, powerful chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, sent a strongly worded letter to IRS Acting Commissioner Daniel Werfel.

IRS Will Keep Its Doors Open on August 30

On August 7, the IRS issued a press release saying it will remain open for business on August 30, the last of five furlough days previously announced by the nation's tax collection agency.

NTEU Urges IRS Workers to Fight Obamacare Switch

The IRS is tasked with enforcing certain onerous provisions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, but the union representing IRS staffers is dead set against it.

Tea Party Scandal: Oversight Committee and IRS Spar Over Documents

The congressional committee investigating the "Tea Party scandal" – the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee – and the IRS continue to snipe back and forth at each other.

Is the IRS Stonewalling Congress?

Does it seem that the IRS scandal targeting conservative groups for extra scrutiny has been going for . . . well, forever? Certain Republican leaders in Congress think the IRS is prolonging the agony by holding back information.

Surprise! IRS Will Be Open for Business July 22

Maybe IRS agents checked their pockets and discovered some money they didn't know they had. At any rate, the IRS has announced it is canceling the furlough day initially scheduled for July 22. The offices will be open and fully staffed after all.

Acting IRS Head Daniel Werfel Receives Temporary Title Change

The acting head of the IRS will be given a different title until President Obama nominates a permanent commissioner for the tax enforcement agency. The title change is called for under the Vacancies Reform Act.

IRS Suspends Two Officials for Taking Conference Perks

Following a new report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration turning the spotlight on a 2010 conference in California, the IRS announced it has placed two of its employees on administrative leave for "inappropriate behavior."

Obama Names Daniel Werfel Acting IRS Commissioner

The current controller of the US Office of Management and Budget has been appointed by President Obama as the new acting commissioner of the IRS, effective May 22. Daniel Werfel will take over the position vacated by Steven Miller, who resigned on May 15.
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