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Gifts That Keep on Giving: Choosing the Right Business Gift

Nearly all of us give business-related gifts from time to time. Maybe you need to thank an employee who has gone above and beyond, or maybe you need to thank a client. Whatever the reason, choosing just the right gift can be a challenge.

Long-term Customer Loyalty Pays Off

Have you ever wondered why almost every retailer has some variation of a customer loyalty program? Research studies have proven time and again that loyal clients spend more and provide free word-of-mouth advertising.

Twelve Voice Mail Greetings That Will Make You Laugh

Jeff Davidson, "The Work-Life Balance Expert," had some extra time on his hands this week and had probably heard one too many voice mail greetings. Here's his solution to run-of-the-mill recorded greetings.

Are You At Risk of Losing Clients?

Knowing just how satisfied clients are with your services might be difficult if not impossible to gauge on a daily basis. For accountants, recognizing whether clients are considering shifting to another service provider is not always blatantly obvious.
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