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High Impact Excel

In this exciting presentation Excel expert David H. Ringstrom, CPA shares dozens of tricks that he uses to fly through Excel every day. Remember, either you work Excel, or it works you! This webcast is sponsored by SurePayroll.

2014 Tax Season Considerations -- Head To Head: Traditional Tax Workflow vs. Digital Tax Workflow

This session will look at the traditional tax preparation and compliance workflow using locally installed network solutions vs. cloud technologies that can lead to more efficient tax preparation, compliance and workflow processes.
Education & Careers

Creating Award-Winning Websites

A company website is so much more than a Yellow Pages ad, however many accounting firms have not moved beyond the concept of using the website as a static holding place for the company's address and a picture of the office building.
Education & Careers

Free CPE: Attract New Clients and Keep Them Coming Back for More

Acquiring new clients and retaining current ones are consistently named as top concerns for accounting firms. That’s why successful firms pay special attention to the image they are presenting to the public.
Education & Careers

So You're Thinking of Joining a LinkedIn Group: 10 or so Tips for Getting the Most Out of the LinkedIn Group Experience

Participating in Groups on LinkedIn is a great way to network with your peers and build your client and customer base.
Education & Careers

5 Tips & Tricks for Reviewers

When an audit review is seamless and pain free, the reviewer’s life becomes so much easier! Join the webinar and learn.
Education & Careers

From Insight to Action: Improving Client Service through Digital Firm Management

This one-hour webinar will explore new ways to get the most from your firm management software – from the initial contact with a potential customer through the invoicing process.

A Firm Growth Checklist -- Improving client service and profitability in the cloud

Different firms have different goals for growth, but when it comes to making your firm more profitable, there are a few common threads to keep in mind. Presented by CCH.

Sales Tax Nexus

Understanding nexus is crucial to understanding how to comply with sales tax laws. Sylvia Dion explains.
Education & Careers

Profiting from Payroll 101 - provided by SurePayroll

Gain a basic knowledge of the important role payroll plays in a small business, understand the benefits of using an online payroll service provider, and learn how to profit from payroll by becoming a Reseller.
Education & Careers

Making Social Media Work for Your Business - Sponsored by SurePayroll

Learn more about social media, and how these popular websites can be used to drive business to your company in this 50-minute session. Brought to you by SurePayroll and AccountingWEB's Gail Perry.


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