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Developing Successful Associates and Managers

Transfer your knowledge and experience to prepare your team for the challenges and opportunities of an accounting career.

FRF for SMEs Series--Statement of Cash Flows, Subsequent Events, Related Party Issues, Accounting for Investments including Consolidations, Part 4A

This webcast will cover the preparation of the statement of cash flows and focus on accounting and disclosure policies for other important issues described below.

2014 Tax Season Considerations -- Head To Head: Traditional Tax Workflow vs. Digital Tax Workflow

This session will look at the traditional tax preparation and compliance workflow using locally installed network solutions vs. cloud technologies that can lead to more efficient tax preparation, compliance and workflow processes.
Education & Careers

So You're Thinking of Joining a LinkedIn Group: 10 or so Tips for Getting the Most Out of the LinkedIn Group Experience

Participating in Groups on LinkedIn is a great way to network with your peers and build your client and customer base.
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5 Tips & Tricks for Reviewers

When an audit review is seamless and pain free, the reviewer’s life becomes so much easier! Join the webinar and learn.

Sales Tax Nexus

Understanding nexus is crucial to understanding how to comply with sales tax laws. Sylvia Dion explains.
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