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Client meetings


7 Stupid Things Never to Say to Any of Your Accounting Clients

They slip out by accident, but leave a longstanding bad impression. Here are some clues in watching what you say.

When It Comes to Your Clients, Know How to Talk the Talk

Now is a great time to have a talk with your clients—cementing a current relationship and building new ones.

Three Tips for Better Meetings with Your Accounting Firm's Clients

The most important client meeting is when you’re tasked with presenting the client your financial analysis. Making the most of this meeting can do wonders for establishing client trust and retention.

Emotion Is at the Heart of Winning New Clients

Developing an emotional connection with prospects is at the heart of convincing them to leave their existing accountant, more so than price or any other logical rationale.

The Benefits of Hosting a Client Seminar

Do you value your clients? Are you doing everything you possibly can on their behalf? Do they view your firm as a leader in the community? If you’re not answering yes to all of these questions, then it’s time to start thinking about hosting a client seminar.

Change Your Firm and Yourself: Just Do It

For ten years, Joe Evers, a CPA who owns a small practice in Phoenix, Arizona, attempted to work more proactively with his clients, but he was never able to move his firm in the direction he was hoping for.

Tips for Running a Productive Meeting with Small Business Clients

Handling a client meeting with professional efficiency does not mean ticking through agenda items with military precision. The meeting needs to be handled with efficiency and finesse. Preplanning ensures the meeting will be productive and efficiently managed.
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