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As 2012 Ends, Celebrities Pay Tax Debts, Sort Of

The Lindsay Lohan story never ends. To recap, 2012 started for her with two IRS liens. For 2009, she owed about $94,000 and for 2010, another $140,000. Next came a series of reports about bad behavior and financial irresponsibility.

Rapper Fat Joe Takes the Rap with the IRS

Like so many celebrities, the rap star who calls himself Fat Joe got behind on his taxes. But unlike many famous tax deadbeats, he's willing to take responsibility for his own blunder instead of blaming his handlers or lashing out at authorities.

Gerard Depardieu Just Says No to Supertax

Gerard Depardieu's departure from France may have been premature. As December rolled to a close, the harsh "temporary supertax" that French President Francois Hollandee sought to impose on individuals he calls "the rich" was soundly rejected.

2012 Ends with Tax Bang for Some Celebrities

Pamela Anderson owes back taxes of about $370,000 related to 2011 income, Gary Busey’s tax debt is over $450,000, and Britney Spears owes more than $37,000 to the state of California. And then there’s O.J. Simpson. . . .

Stephen Baldwin: Arrested for Tax Evasion

Just days ago, New York State tax authorities arrested actor Stephen Baldwin on felony tax evasion charges. Baldwin owes an estimated $350,000 in taxes and penalties, according to Rockland County DA Thomas Zugibe.

MLB Update: What a Difference a Day Makes Tax Wise

At least one Major League Baseball player has succeeded in getting his next contract signed, sealed, and the ink dried before the 2013 tax hikes are likely to kick in.

Update: IRS Seizes Lindsay Lohan's Assets

Just when you think a week might pass without Lindsay Lohan in the headlines, she's back. On December 3, the long arm of the IRS reached out and seized her bank accounts for nonpayment of taxes.

Goodbye Norma Jean, Hello Estate Issues

It's been over half a century since Marilyn Monroe passed away at age thirty-six, but her estate is still involved in tax-related litigation.

Charlie Sheen to the Rescue for Lindsay Lohan

This hasn't been a great year for Lindsay Lohan. It started with an IRS tax lien for about $94, 000 for 2009 income, followed closely by another for nearly $150,000 for 2010 income.

Shucks, Who Knew a Vegas Wedding Was Legit?

Imagine going to bed one night a single woman and waking up to find you're married . . . and have been for over twenty years. That's bad enough, but it gets worse.

Nobody Beatz the Tax Man

A new wife, a new baby on the way, a multimillion-dollar house in escrow, and reports of back tax bills totaling more than $2.6 million. That's how rapper/producer Swizz Beatz has made news as the year draws close to the end.

California's Top Tax Delinquents for 2012

Every year California publishes a list of tax delinquents, many of whom are big names in Hollywood. This year is no exception, though some say the celebrity names come more from the B-list or farther down the alphabet.

Meeting with Your Tax Guy? Leave the Gun at Home

Rapper Richard Morales entered a tax preparation office and exploded in a fit of rage. Surveillance cameras show him pulling a gun on an accountant seated behind a desk where there was no visible means of escape.

Beanie Sigel: The 2012 Al Capone of Rappers?

Beanie Sigel is serving time in prison for tax evasion. Why didn't he file returns and pay taxes? That's a question many people ask about celebrities and other artists, most of whom have much healthier incomes than the rest of us.

The Prince of Tax Trouble?

Not only is recording artist Prince in deep with the IRS, but his tax troubles now extend overseas as well. Prince was summoned by the IRS at the request of French authorities to appear before the French tax agency.

POTUS Gets Tax Policy Advice from Lindsay Lohan

President Barack Obama is surrounded by advisers, official and unofficial. Everyone has an opinion. But it's doubtful he expected to be getting tax policy advice from "Mean Girl" actress, twenty-three-year-old Lindsay Lohan.

Angel Albert Pujols Living in Tax Hell

Chances are, even greatly higher taxes won't tarnish the halo that comes with a ten-year, $254 million contract to play for the Angels. No matter where he plays, with a salary like that, Albert Pujols will pay the highest rate.

Two Tax Deadbeat Rappers

Two popular Rap artists, Flavor Flav and Bubba Sparxxx, are in big trouble with the IRS. They both owe big bucks for neglecting to pay their taxes.

Taxes Can Tarnish Olympic Gold

US swimmer Nathan Adrian won a gold medal in the 100-meter freestyle by one-hundredth of a second. Thanks to that millisecond victory, he'll owe at least $6,250 in federal income taxes.

Rapper Buys Back His Belongings at IRS Auction

The IRS collected $53,000 last week at an auction of jewelry and recording equipment once owned by rapper Young Buck, who claims he bought back some of his former possessions.


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