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Property Tax Bill Flew Past Cheney's Radar

Liz Cheney – US Senate candidate and daughter of Dick Cheney – and her husband, Philip Perry, missed their property tax payment in 2012. Earlier that year, they bought a four-bed, four-bath home in an upscale part of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

How State Income Taxes May Be Redrawing the Population Map

Not many political potatoes are as hot as taxes. Whatever your opinion about state and local taxes, it's prudent now and then to gauge how the prevailing rates affect a state's fiscal health overall.

IRS to Michael Jackson Heirs: We Want More Money!

More than four years after he died, Michael Jackson's heirs are still waiting for their shares of his substantial estate. If the IRS has its way, they'll continue to wait a lot longer.

Prosecutors Get Paid to Watch 'Real Housewives of New Jersey'

As the case against reality star Teresa Giudice and husband Joe unfolds, outtakes from "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" will become part of the evidence for the prosecution to sift through.

Al Pacino's Tax Lien Sleeps with the Fishes

California can cross one celebrity off its deadbeat list. Al Pacino was into the Golden State for $31,706.04 (knowing what's good for him, the Godfather did not forget the extra four cents).

Tax Makes Boxing in US a Bad Bout for Pacquiao

Filipino Manny Pacquiao is a superstar among professional boxers. The eight-division titlist isn't one to run from a challenge, but one bout he's had enough of is the one with the US taxman.

'Hell's Kitchen' Star Feels Heat of Tax Scrutiny - UPDATE!

His familiar scowl appears in millions of homes every week as the star of MasterChef and Hell's Kitchen. But Gordon Ramsay may be scowling over more than culinary imperfections these days.

Giudices Returned to Court for Tax Fraud

On August 14, Joe and Teresa Giudice appeared in US District Court to enter pleas of not guilty through their attorneys. They didn't speak at all, but a reporter in the courtroom said that at one point, Teresa mopped sweat off her husband's brow.

Jesse and Sandi Jackson Prison Bound on Fraud Convictions

Former US Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife were back in court August 14 to be sentenced on charges of campaign fraud and tax fraud. Both Jacksons entered guilty pleas last February.

Reality Bites for Teresa Giudice - A Star with Real Tax Woes

Reality star Teresa Giudice has been in money trouble for a while. On July 29, it all got a whole lot worse when a federal grand jury handed down a thirty-nine count indictment against her and husband.

Minnesota Twins Heirs Go to Bat against IRS in Tax Court

When a truly wealthy person dies - like Minnesota Twins owner Carl Pohlad - the IRS doesn't give up easily on the possibility of collecting more taxes. Pohlad's heirs are now fending off the IRS, which wants more than the taxes already paid.

Large Chunk of Taxes Taken from Mickelson's UK Winnings

Phil Mickelson recently had about as perfect a two weeks in the United Kingdom as any professional golfer could hope for. Unfortunately for him, approximately 61 percent of his winnings will go to taxes.

Chris Zorich Avoids Prison in His Tax Evasion Case

Back in March when Chris Zorich faced a Chicago judge to answer for his tax failings, he took it like a man. In the long run, this attitude might have bought him some mercy.

Taxes Push Income of NFL #1 Draft Pick to Second Place

As of today, the top three NFL draft picks have signed their contracts. As predicted, the numbers came in with only a slight variation from 2012.

Death Tax Grasps for More of William Davidson's Wealth

Anyone wealthy enough to own a major sports franchise is probably steeped deep in serious estate planning. William Davidson was no exception. In 2008, the year before he died, his net worth was $5.5 billion.
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All Eyes Are on England for Royal Baby Watch

UPDATE: The baby who would be king has a name. He is George Alexander Louis and will be referred to as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.

Will Taxes Affect Dwight Howard's 'Decision?'

UPDATE: Did Taxes Push Howard to the Houston Rockets? On July13, the Houston Rockets will hold a press conference to announce free agent Dwight Howard has decided to join their ranks.

Tax Evasion: Jail Time Begins for Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill is officially behind bars. Her first meal, according to TMZ.com, was "tasty BBQ pulled pork with a side of carrots, peas, and sweet potatoes." Doesn't sound too punitive.

Bada Bing? Gandolfini's Leaves Behind a "Tax Disaster"

The will left by "The Sopranos'" lead actor James Gandolfini is causing attorneys to scratch their heads. Some can't help but wonder - did the man who accumulated an estate worth about $70 million seek any legal advice at all before making his will?

Football Player Terrell Owens Faces IRS Lien

UPDATE: Terrell Owens Clears Massive Tax Debt. Owens had joined a long line of top-earning sports figures who blew through their wealth quickly and ended up broke. According to "Sports Illustrated," this is part of a "financial pandemic" that plagues a lot of top-earning athletes, especially in the NFL.


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