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Busy Season Daily Workplace Exercises

Workplace Fitness

Day 7: Seated Crunches

You can tighten those stomach muscles without doing those dreaded and painful sit-ups (and hurting your neck in the process). Step 1: Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor about ten inches apart. Make sure you're sitting up straight with your back against the chair.
Workplace Fitness

Day 6: Just Move!

Get your heart pumping, burn some calories, and feel revived!
Workplace Fitness

Day 5: Use an Exercise Ball

Swap out your uncomfortable office chair for a healthier alternative. Exercise balls can improve posture, help alleviate lower back and sciatic pain, and provide a mild workout. And, they're just plain fun! When you're ready to move beyond just sitting, there are a multitude of ball exercises out there.
Workplace Fitness

Day 4: Body Lift

Don't we all want firm, strong arms? Firm arms will enhance your appearance, and strong arms will certainly come in handy when picking up those huge stacks of client files! Use this easy exercise to work on your biceps, your triceps, or both.
Workplace Fitness

Day 3: Buns of Steel™

Here's a great way to prevent "office chair spread" and get buns of steel.
Workplace Fitness

Day 2: Inner Thigh Squeeze

This is a great exercise for your inner thighs. You can do it while you're working, but be good to yourself and take that much-needed break!
Workplace Fitness

Day 1: Upper Back Stretch

As the day progresses, tension can settle in your upper back. Release that tension in just a few seconds with this simple and effective stretch.

Day 71: Tuck Jumps

We're certain all of our readers are jumping for joy today, so it is fitting that our final exercise involves jumping!

Day 70: Water bottle posture cure

Today is posture day at the AccountingWEB fitness factory. Fitness expert Cindy Whitmarsh recommends you grab a couple of (full) water bottles for this exercise. Remember to breathe!

Day 69: Desk March

The Desk March is a way to keep in step while you work. Studies by several medical research groups indicate that people who sit at their desk all day are more likely to heart problems than those who rarely sit. You can do steps one and two of this exercise without missing a beat in your work.

Day 68: Stomach isometrics

In this exercise, the muscles in your stomach contract in the same way as they do during a sit-up. You should feel them move in as you tighten them and release to an expanded position when you relax. This exercise can be done anywhere.

Day 67: Squat

According to fitness experts, squatting, when done correctly and safely, can benefit almost every muscle in your body.

Day 66: Calf Stretch

The Calf Stretch will keep your legs flexible and relaxed during a long day at work.

Day 65: Water bottle carpel tunnel buster and Friday snack attack

Fitness expert Cindy Whitmarsh has the perfect exercise for all of us who are suffering from keyboard achiness. This exercise strengthens your forearms, wrists, and breaks up tension in wrists and hands from computer work!

Day 64: Shoulder lifts, rolls, swings

Shoulder exercises are designed to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders. They're great for warming up before a round of golf or before getting ready to do more strenuous exercises. They're also excellent as a little get-away-from-work relief.

Day 63: No Humpback

Fitness Day 62: Chair Squat

The squat is one of the best ways to tone and strengthen your lower body. You can prepare yourself for this exercise by placing a chair behind you, sitting down and standing up several times, thinking about the muscles you are using.

Day 61: Chair Yoga - Remembering to breathe!

There is nothing better than integrating Yoga into your daily routine to center and refocus you during your workday. Throughout the day you may start building tension in your back and neck, maybe due to stress or because you are working at a computer doing repetitive motion in a stationary position for long periods of time.

Day 60: Tax Book Ab Twist

Fitness expert Cindy Whitmarsh, who has been sharing tips and exercises with us this spring, has designed some exercises specifically for tax accountants. Today's exercise requires a heavy tax book!

Day 59: Overhead stretch

We're going to reach above our heads and do some stretching, but first, Dr. Todd Berntson, author of "Deskercise! The Workplace Workout," has some stretching advice.


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