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Public Relations Should Be Kept in Your Firm’s Mix

Building relationships with the press should not be overlooked as a way for your firm to receive some great exposure and to help build its reputation within the business community.

Top Ten, Easy-to-Follow Marketing New Year's Resolutions for CPAs

Here are ten New Year's resolutions that every CPA can follow. Once you've begun the process of embracing these ideas, you'll probably see a difference in your attitude toward client service and business development!
Education & Careers

Lessons for 2014 from Three Renowned and Successful Businessmen

One of the most important things you can do for your firm is to continue learning. The people who help their businesses achieve new heights are the ones who are continually learning how to get better.

End of Year - There Isn't a Better Time for Marketing!

While your client service schedule may seem a bit overwhelming to you in December, this is actually a perfect time for you to add real value to your client interactions.

Marketing Your Cloud Accounting Services Differently Than Audit and Tax

Predominantly, when I meet with new firms and go over the Cloud accounting services opportunity, the first thing they want to do is start putting together a marketing plan. Most firms quickly find they're lost when they start this way.

How to Build a Better Call to Action

Marketing expert Jack LaRue of Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting offers some tips that can make your marketing campaign calls to action more effective.

Why Frequency Matters in Marketing

All too often, small accounting firm owners will try something once, expect immediate results, and then draw the conclusion after a couple of weeks that it was or was not effective.

Marathon Marketing

I've found that marketing is a lot like running. It's better to do a little of it consistently than do too much all at once. If you're out of shape, trying to run ten miles in a day won't solve your problem. It'll just make you sore less likely to get out there tomorrow.

How to Win Your Next New Accounting Client

Your firm may be successful today, but everyone knows that success can be fleeting unless you're continuously thinking ahead to identify and win the next client. The key to developing a strategy for winning new clients is to answer these key questions: Why? Who? What? How?

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