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Key Things Firms Ignore Every Day but Shouldn’t

Practice and business development guru Michelle Long says there's things every firm ignores but should be a part of their everyday routine.
Practice Development

5 Tips to Help Your Website Attract More Clients

Is your website helping attract new business? Accounting firm marketing expert Arvid Mostad gives five tips on how it can and should be used for that purpose.
Practice Management

Editor's Corner: What's New in Vendor and Firm Plans?

This week's Corner explores some of the latest key vendor moves as well as some powerful opinions and reports around your firm's and clients' future.

Succession Planning Myths vs. Reality

Transition Advisors Managing Director Bill Carlino explains five common myths and often harsh realities associated with firms and succession planning.

7 Reasons Your Firm Should Automate Client Messages

Sending tax reminders and special-occasion notes to clients is essential to your relationship, but is often time-consuming. It’s time to get automated.
Practice Development

Editor’s Corner: So It’s Conference Season, So What?

'Tis the season, conference season that is. This week's Editor's Corner explores what it should mean to you and your practice.

The Only Four Things You Need to Need to Know

Busy and confused? Just memorize these four points and you have the basics of managing an accounting practice.

How to Gain Six Minutes a Day

Time is money. So if every day we can pick up six minutes of productivity, over the year we'll gain 24 more hours. Here's a host of best practices for staying focused and getting more done.

Divorce Cases Hold Potential Liabilities for Accountants

Unfortunately, divorcing clients may attempt to increase the amount of money they receive by making a claim against their accountant. When clients divorce, accountants are put in a variety of uncomfortable positions.

IRS Warns Tax Preparers to Review Their Safeguards for Client Data

In a March 18 e-mail, the IRS warned tax preparation professionals that the security of taxpayer accounts and personal information should be a top priority, as referenced in Revenue Procedure 2007-40, which outlines the obligations of IRS e-file providers.

ParenteBeard Reveals "Seven Deadly Sins of Audit Committees"

In an effort to alert companies to common pitfalls encountered by audit committees, ParenteBeard has released its "Seven Deadly Sins of Audit Committees," which are based on research and feedback compiled at the firm's annual Audit Committee Forum.

Business Etiquette When E-mailing Clients

Take great care in sending a client an e-mail: the subject line should be brief, the greeting professional, and the message succinct. Your e-mail signature leaves the last impression, so it should look as professional as your business card.

The Client Assessment Opportunity

Adding a client assessment as a required short-term project for every new client – before agreeing to a long-term engagement – can provide countless benefits for you and the client. It can also help you uncover any unfortunate surprises early on.

Small Businesses Unprepared for Data Breach

Data breach events are a growing risk for small businesses, but only a small percentage of companies with fewer than 250 employees have policies and procedures in place to protect against online intrusions.

IIA Approves Revised Standards

The Institute of Internal Auditors has issued revisions to the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing that will go into effect January 1. The standards are mandatory under the IIA's International Professional Practices Framework.
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