Articles by Sally Glick

Big Results for Small Firms Through Alliances

It's not about the numbers, it's about the relationships. Alliances and partnerships are the key to referrals and long-term growth.

Public Relations Should Be Kept in Your Firm’s Mix

Building relationships with the press should not be overlooked as a way for your firm to receive some great exposure and to help build its reputation within the business community.

Top Ten, Easy-to-Follow Marketing New Year's Resolutions for CPAs

Here are ten New Year's resolutions that every CPA can follow. Once you've begun the process of embracing these ideas, you'll probably see a difference in your attitude toward client service and business development!

End of Year - There Isn't a Better Time for Marketing!

While your client service schedule may seem a bit overwhelming to you in December, this is actually a perfect time for you to add real value to your client interactions.

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