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Articles by Joe Woodard


QuickBooks billing tips, tricks, workarounds

There are various tips, tricks and workarounds for handling professional billing using QuickBooks. Following are processes that work best for The Woodard Consulting Group and its clients.
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QuickBooks Tip: Use credit memos, bill credits – not discounts

Customer Discounts (applied on the Receive Payments window) and Vendor Discounts (applied on the Pay Bills window) are effective and efficient ways to discount what your customers owe you and what you owe to your vendors.

QuickBooks at tax time: Cleaning up your client's QuickBooks data

Though QuickBooks is very easy to use, our clients often create numerous setup and data entry errors that we have to troubleshoot. This troubleshooting often coincides with tax time.

Why your client's sales amounts in QuickBooks are probably wrong

Ideally, all revenue should affect both an Item and an Income account in QuickBooks. When this doesn't happen, it is important for you to quickly locate the offending transactions and make any necessary adjustments.

QuickBooks Tip: Tying the Profit and Loss to the Profit and Loss by Job

The Profit & Loss by Job report shows all of the income and expenses you have assigned to Jobs on Checks, Bills, Invoices, Journal Entries, etc. However, the totals on the Profit & Loss by Job report may not agree to the totals on the Profit & Loss.
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Increase billings (and value) for existing QuickBooks clients

There is a new technology available that brings the local accounting professionals back into the game, especially when offering QuickBooks training to their own clients.

New and enhanced features in QuickBooks 2010

As with any new version the value proposition for upgrading is very high for accounting professionals. In my opinion the enhancements to the Client Data Review feature alone more than justify the investment in the new version for any accounting professional.

Going green with QuickBooks

AccountingWEB QuickBooks columnist Joe Woodard shares some of his favorite tips for taking QuickBooks to the next level - and staying green in the process!

Inventory workarounds and troubleshooting in QuickBooks

Joe Woodard explains the ins and outs of working with the Average Cost inventory method in QuickBooks .

Repairing corrupted data files in QuickBooks

By Joe Woodard, AccountingWEB QuickBooks columnistIntroductionIn my opinion QuickBooks is as "bug" free as any product on the market and is much less troublesome than most applications. Intuit has an incredible beta testing process before each new version and the company issues releases periodically throughout the year as users report issues and the programmers resolve those issues.

Can you really do that in QuickBooks?

By Joe Woodard, AccountingWEB QuickBooks columnist Restricting Changes to the Chart of AccountsThis trick prevents users from making the following changes to the chart of accounts: Merging Accounts Changing Account Types Changing Sub-Account/Parent Account AssignmentsReason for the Trick
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