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Articles by Jennifer Katrulya


Kickin' and Screamin' into the Cloud

How many times have you heard someone say, "I'd rather chew nails than go to the dentist?" Believe it or not – with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek – there are still some accounting professionals who would rather chew nails than move some or all of their practice to the Cloud.

Developing Authentic, Ongoing Client Relationships

Just about every day, my BMRG GAP members ask me a question similar to, "How do I grow my clients? I want to increase my revenue, so what do I do?"

The Client Assessment Opportunity

Adding a client assessment as a required short-term project for every new client – before agreeing to a long-term engagement – can provide countless benefits for you and the client. It can also help you uncover any unfortunate surprises early on.

Pricing Your Services, Part 2: Time and Money

Changing your pricing model is no simple task, but it is something beneficial for your clients and your firm. There are a number of investments of time and money that need to be factored into the overall pricing calculations for your firm.

Three Steps to Pricing Your Services, Part 1

Practitioners dread the process of pricing their accounting services. If given a choice, there's little doubt your clients would prefer to know up front what your services will cost versus being billed hourly.

Providing a Five-Star Client Experience Every Day

How do you ensure your prospects and clients love their relationship with your firm every step of the way? Jennifer Katrulya shares her insight on ways you can create a "five-star experience" for your clients, each and every day.

The Ideal Client and Referrals You Don't Want

CPAs often ask me for advice on how they can build their firms. More specifically, they want to know how to find prospects and convert them into highly profitable clients who will be with them for the long term.
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