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Articles by Gary Zeune

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SAS 99 -- 17 ways to protect yourself from malpractice

Congress mandated as Sarbanes-Oxley (SoX) for public companies and their auditors. Think of SAS 99 as SoX for everyone else.
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Guarantee your profits

Extraordinary guarantees give customers confidence in your product, generate new business and can even reduce operating costs.

Auditors and airport screeners have similar blind spots

But terrorists don't pay the screenersBy Gary D. Zeune, CPAEven though the items and information are right in front of them, airport screeners miss banned items, according to a December 30, 2005, article in The Wall Street Journal. Auditors miss fraud for the same reasons screeners miss weapons. To test terrorism readiness, British authorities digitally inserted images of guns, knives and other banned objects into luggage. Initially the screeners' performance was mediocre. But with practice it improved dramatically.

Are clean opinions materially misstated?

WARNING: Reading this article will be painful By Gary Zeune, CPA

Auditing: Solving 10 problems implementing the NEW risk assessment standards

By Gary D. Zeune, CPAMuch has been written about the technical requirements of Statements on Auditing Standards No. 104-111, collectively called the Risk Assessment Standards (Risk Standards). So we'll focus on the 10 steps to effectively implement them.

Ex-Con Tells How Auditors Fail to Help Clients Guard Against Fraud

Mark Morze is in the news pretty often. Reason: He has the dubious distinction of having perpetrated one of the biggest and most brazen financial frauds in American history. While the 1980s may seem like ancient history to many, it was the decade in which the ZZZZ Best carpet-cleaning company soared and crashed, leaving a twisted trail of criminal devastation that took prosecutors, regulators and judges years to sort out.

Are You Teaching Your Employees to Steal? (Part 2)

Continued from "Are You Teaching Your Employees to Steal? Part 1"FRAUD AND ABUSE ARE COSTLYFraud and abuse cost the U.S. economy $400 billion a year. That translates into 6% of revenue or $9 per day, per employee. And relatively speaking, small companies are at a higher risk of fraud than large companies. Why? Because small companies don’t have as sophisticated systems of internal controls as large companies.
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Are You Teaching Your Employees to Steal? (Part 1)

 My Employees Wouldn’t Embezzle: Yeah, Right Yes or No - Have you taught your employees to embezzle?  
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Preventing Your Firm's 'Enron' - Part 4 of 4

by Gary Zeune, CPAContinued from Preventing Your Firm's 'Enron' - Part 3

Preventing Your Firm's 'Enron' - Part 3 of 4

by Gary Zeune, CPAContinued from Preventing Your Firm's 'Enron' - Part 26. Trust: Do you trust the client because they pay your bills? Big mistake. Of course the client is going to pay your bill if it needs your opinion to consummate a significant pending transaction like a bank loan renewal or other financing or acquisition.
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Preventing Your Firm's 'Enron' - Part 2 of 4

by Gary Zeune, CPAContinued from Preventing Your Firm's 'Enron' - Part 1Avoid Procedures That Can Lead to Your ‘Enron’Now let’s explore some of the things that can lead to your "Enron":
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Preventing Your Firm's 'Enron' - Part 1of 4

By Gary D. Zeune, CPA
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