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Workplace Fitness

Day 73: Lunchtime Workout

Fitness expert Cindy Whitmarsh has provided us with this Monday walking and aerobic workout.
Workplace Fitness

Day 65: At Work Interval Blast!

Fitness expert Cindy Whitmarsh has provided us with a Wednesday workout that will get your heart pumping.
Workplace Fitness

Day 60: Walking Lunges

Fit some aerobic exercise into your day to get your heart pumping and your butt off your chair.
Workplace Fitness

Day 56: Who Says You Can't Do Aerobics Sitting Down?

Here's a quick and simple aerobic exercise you can do while seated.
Workplace Fitness

Day 40: Wednesday Workout - 8 Great Tips to Keep You Healthy and Fit While You Work

If you follow these 8 tips from Cindy, you’ll feel great and look great in no time. No excuses – let’s get started!
Workplace Fitness

Day 30: Exercises for a Healthy Heart

It's Valentine's Day, the perfect day to focus on keeping your heart healthy! Work on keeping your own heart in good shape while you daydream about the people you care about.
Workplace Fitness

Day 27: Let's Dance!

When you read "Let's Dance," did you instantly hear David Bowie's famous song playing in your head? (If not, you're probably too young.)
Workplace Fitness

Day 24: Get out of Your Chair

Joe Downie, SparkPeople Coach, says that "staying energized and stress free at work isn't difficult. The key is finding reasons to stay out of your chair." Here are some suggestions:
Workplace Fitness

Day 21: Keep on Walkin'

Here are some fun ways to "walk" down the hall. You'll get a bit of a workout and feel revived!
Workplace Fitness

Day 11: Trash Can Basketball

You've been working hard, and you deserve to have some fun. Grab your trash can, a Nerf ball, and let's play ball!
Workplace Fitness

Day 6: Just Move!

Get your heart pumping, burn some calories, and feel revived!

Day 69: Desk March

The Desk March is a way to keep in step while you work. Studies by several medical research groups indicate that people who sit at their desk all day are more likely to heart problems than those who rarely sit. You can do steps one and two of this exercise without missing a beat in your work.
Workplace Fitness

Day 55: Water Bottle Cross Punches

Fitness guru Cindy Whitmarsh shared today's exercise with us. This exercise sculpts shoulders, chest, core, and elevates your heart rate to help burn calories!

Day 43: Chair jogging

Take this four minute energy break and you'll feel like you're ready to start the second eight hours of your busy-season work day. At the very least, you'll raise the eyebrows of people passing by your office.

Day 34: Office aerobics

The WebMD Web site suggests that just because you’re stuck in an office, that doesn’t mean you can’t get up from your desk and get your heart beating. Here are five minutes’ worth of quick and easy ideas for little aerobics exercises you can work into your daily late-afternoon pick-me-up. (If you’re wearing high heels, you’ll probably want to slip them off before you start jumping and running in your office!).

Day 33: Stair Climbers

Stair Climbers provide cardiovascular conditioning, such as normalized blood pressure, better circulation, and decreased serum cholesterol, increased metabolism to help maintain a healthy body weight, improved leg and hip strength, and improved mental functioning, including better concentration, improved mood, decreased stress, and more restful sleep.

Day 8: Take a walk

Rather than sitting all day, try finding ways to insert walking into your routine - it will keep the circulation moving, stretch your muscles, reduce stress, improve productivity, lower bad cholesterol, raise good
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