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Advisory services


The Underpricing Conundrum

CPAs complain their services are being treated like a commodity and that they're undercharging for fear of losing clients or prospects to the firm around the corner. So what can they do to avoid this?

How to Use Your Firm's Financial Performance as a Selling Point

Looking at the net profit margins of financial statements from September 2012 to September 2013, accounting firms were the second most profitable industry in the Sageworks database.

Stop Competing for New Business on Price Alone

Competition in the accounting industry is fierce, which can pressure some CPAs to compete for business using pricing alone. But many accountants realize this is a losing proposition.

Survey of SMPs Shows High Demand for Sustainability Services

Seventy-three percent of SMPs worldwide are either providing or have plans to provide sustainability services to their clients, suggesting there is a sizeable market for these services among the small businesses that SMPs typically serve.
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