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Texas CPA firms announce merger

Richard T. (Rick) Baumeister, Jr., CPA, managing partner at Sanford, Baumeister & Frazier, PLLC, has announced that the Fort Worth, TX-based accounting firm will be merging Hugly PC, a North Dallas-based accounting firm, into SB&F.
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Newly merged EisnerAmper becomes 14th largest accounting firm in nation

Eisner LLP and Amper, Politziner & Mattia, LLP have announced that they have combined their practices to form EisnerAmper LLP. The newly formed entity will be the 14th largest accounting firm in the United States.
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INSIDE Public Accounting to name top 200 firms

For more than 20 years, INSIDE Public Accounting has compiled the annual IPA Top 100 accounting firms, the IPA Best of the Best managed firms, the IPA All-Stars, and, new in 2010, IPA will name the “Beyond the IPA Top 100” – a list of the nation’s Top 200 accounting firms.

Execs say regulatory uncertainty hampering long-term planning

U.S. senior executives are concerned about the impact regulatory reform will have on their businesses, but half say it could eventually be a “net positive,” according to a recent survey conducted by KPMG.

Ernst & Young defends its Lehman work in letter to clients

Ernst & Young defended its audit work for client Lehman Brothers in a letter sent last week by several audit partners to the firm's key clients, and vowed to fight any legal action from regulators or creditors.
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McGladrey & Pullen and RSM McGladrey hammer out details

McGladrey & Pullen LLP and RSM McGladrey Inc. have reached agreements following the termination of a 10-year-old deal between the two firms.
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The Accounting Hall of Fame . . . Have you got the EI to qualify?

What would the lineup be like for the Accounting Hall of Fame? If we went by physical attributes alone, the differences would be plentiful. However if you examine their skills, you would find that the most successful accountants have a lot more in common.

Grant Thornton and Overstock Inc. call each other liars

Overstock Inc., which has filed an unaudited third quarter financial statement with the SEC, because it had fired its auditor, Grant Thornton, has accused the accounting firm of lying.

Survey: Highest performing CPA firms know how to leverage technology

Creating a long-term sustainable business advantage is the key to success for accounting firms, in both good and challenging times, yet some firms do it better than others.
Practice Management

Myth debunked: It's not automatic for the MP to be the highest paid

It’s logical to assume that the CEOs of Fortune 500 and other large companies would be the highest paid of all people working at the company. After all, they are charged with managing the entire organization and meeting expected profit targets.


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