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2011 Tax Returns


Never Mind 2015—Do Your Clients Have Their 2011 Tax Refunds?

A billion dollars is owed to taxpayers from 2011 returns. They must claim the cash now—or lose it forever.

Tax Tip: Choose the 'Biggest and Best' State Tax Deduction

Are your clients better off deducting income tax or sales tax on a 2011 return? It depends on the situation. An itemizer on a 2011 return can deduct annual state and local income taxes or, as an alternative, sales tax paid during the year. But it's either one or the other.

IRS Announces "Fresh Start" Initiative to Help Struggling Taxpayers

The IRS announced a major expansion of its "Fresh Start" initiative to help struggling taxpayers. It is taking steps to provide new penalty relief to the unemployed and making installment agreements available to more people.

IRS Releases "Extra Points" about 2011 Tax Returns

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has kicked off the 2012 tax return season with a series of five new Fact Sheets that were released the first week of January. In them, the IRS discusses recent changes, improvements, free services, and more that are relevant to both taxpayers and practitioners.
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