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State CPA society

Vermont Society of CPAs
100 State Street
Ste. 500
Montpelier  Vermont  05602
United States
(802) 229–4939

Licensing information

Vermont Board of Accountancy
26 Terrace Street
Drawer 09
Montpelier, VT 05609-1106

Articles that mention Vermont

By Teresa Ambord There's nothing new about governments trying to use tax as behavior modification. They've been doing it forever, with home mortgage deductions, adoption credits...
By Teresa Ambord Not many political potatoes are as hot as taxes. Whatever your opinion about state and local taxes, it's prudent now and then to gauge how the prevailing rates...
By Ken BerryNew legislation authorizing the states to collect sales tax from companies peddling their wares online breezed through the Senate on May 6 by a wide...
By Sheryl Nance-NashIs 2013 shaping up to the year of tax reform? "There are more proposals this year than we have seen in the last five years, and an...
By AccountingWEB StaffOn July 31, former IRS employee Richard Andersen pleaded guilty to concealing records for a private business he owned.Prosecutors said 46-year-old Andersen of Franklin...
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