December 11, 2008
Publisher's Note
Itís interesting how e-mails can sometimes be misinterpreted. For example, the true nature of using the red exclamation point on an Outlook e-mail is to give it a "high priority" notification, drawing attention to the e-mailís intended nature of immediacy and importance. An accountant in Iowa told me the other day that he always thought of that type of e-mail to be relating to emotion--quite often frustration or anger.

Bottom line, people donít always interpret e-mails as they are intended. As we stroll into those upcoming New Yearís resolutions, perhaps now is the time to review the communications standards at your firm, company or accounting department. A woman with a firm in Florida told me that they do this every December, just to make sure everyone is on the same page. Sounds like a great idea!

Rob Nance
AccountingWEB, Inc.

Christmas Party Season

Don't Separate Marketing from Strategy!

TARP COP's Top Ten

Referrals and the Future of Friend Connect

Questions & Advice

Business Bad Debt Deductions

I am trying to figure out where on the Form 1040 that an individual taxpayer can take a business bad debt deduction? My client personally guaranteed a LOC loan as an owner of an S-Corp. He gave his stock back to the Corp, but never got his name off the loan guarantee. The S-corp is now dissolved, and he had to pay off the LOC personally.
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Homeowners association financial reporting

A reader in Arizona has several questions about how to account for items in a homeowner's association and how to demonstrate funding requirements to the association's board.
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Employee Web Use and Misuse

Which 2009 QuickBooks is Right for My Client?

Top News
Financial planner shares historical facts about bear-cession markets

Leon LaBrecque, managing partner and founder of LJPR, LLC, a firm managing over $300 million in assets, points out that we've had 13 bear markets (including our current one) since 1926, and 15 recessions (including our current one). There have been nine bear-cessions. more >>
Financial hiring will increase in first quarter
IRS announces drop in interest rates
Student/Career News
Meeting the 150-hour requirement in New York and Pennsylvania

New York and Pennsylvania have joined the 47 states and territories that already require 150 credit hours for CPA licensing. The latest state to mandate the change is Pennsylvania, where on July 10 Governor Edward Rendell signed a bill amending the state's CPA law to require 150 credit hours and one year experience in public accounting for licensure. The education and experience changes will go into effect as January 1, 2012. more >>
Request your free 2009 Financial Literacy Calendar
Win your next job with three essential interview skills
Firm/State/People News
Singing CPA releases new CD of holiday music

Steven Zelin, aka The Singing CPA, has announced the release of his latest CD just in time for the 2008 Holiday Season titled, "No Accounting For The Holidays." The CD features 10 parodies of popular holiday favorites. more >>
Municipal bond investors will have access to more investment information
Young accounting professionals head to Gulf Coast to help hurricane victims
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