November 20, 2008
Publisher's Note
It certainly appears that many retailers are in for some rough sledding this holiday season.† I was especially saddened to see Circuit City file for Chapter 11.† Iím not really a big box retailer type of guy, but I did like Circuit City, always shopping there first before going to one of their competitors, if it became necessary. †

In these gloomy economic times I wanted to pass along a comment that was made to me by a woman I spoke with recently.† Ellen is a senior level accountant at a small firm in Maryland.† She said to me, ďItís not only our job as accountants to give clients honest information and advice, but also to be a positive influence and let them know these rotten times will pass and we all just have to make it through the storm together.Ē †

You canít argue with that.

Rob Nance
AccountingWEB, Inc.

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Questions & Advice

Business acquisition question

I'm buying an existing business franchise. This business gets an annual bonus if the owners can hit their target numbers, etc. Part of the agreement I have with the current owners is that the bonus earned for 2008 will go to them when it is paid to me in 2009. When the bonus is paid to me in 2009, do I need to withhold a portion of it to cover the taxes or can I deduct the entire bonus and pass the tax liability from the bonus to the sellers? What about best practices?
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Hard copy records archiving

How long do I need to keep hard copies of accounting/payroll records? Our storage space is full!
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Top News
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The Securities and Exchange Commission published its proposed roadmap for the potential transition to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) by U.S. companies on its Web site on November 14, two months after it was originally approved by unanimous vote of the Commission. If certain milestones are achieved, the mandated transition to IFRS would occur in stages, beginning with large accelerated filers for fiscal years ending on or after December 15, 2014. more >>
Raffaello Follieri's Fall from Grace
IRS revenue agent arrested on tax fraud charges
Student/Career News
Accounting students learn how to crack the case

Collecting clues, gathering evidence, and following the trail to find criminals has an undeniable appeal, but few college students make any connection between those skills and the skills of an accountant. more >>
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Firm/State/People News
A Conversation With: David Walker, former Comptroller General of the United States

Chances are, when David Walker graduated from Florida's Jacksonville University 35 years ago, he didn't look ahead and see that his accounting degree was the first step to landing one of the top jobs in the United States. But looking backwards, it shouldn't have been hard to predict. more >>
Illinois CPA Society names 2008 Women to Watch
California CPA firm adds new director of marketing
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