October 9, 2008
Publisher's Note
Today's technology makes it so easy to connect with people, often a bit too easy, making a portion of that activity quite meaningless. LinkedIn is a great tool that can result in some terrific benefits on both a business level and personally. I think a good rule of thumb, though, for using social networks such as this should be:

Would you meet that person at Starbucks for an hour?

If not, then don't try to connect with them. Quality trumps quantity. Now, go schedule a meeting at a coffee shop with a contact you haven't seen in a long time or with someone you would like to get to know. Let it brew.....

Rob Nance
AccountingWEB, Inc.


FEI Commends Response To Credit Crisis

The fastest way to accelerate revenues? Just accelerate referrals!

Insurance and the presidential campaign

The Presidential Debates

Featured Jobs
Senior Auditor
The Rehmann Group
Saginaw, Michigan

Senior Program Officer, Health Financing and Economics
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Seattle, Washington

Top News
AMT fix: No real relief for accountants or legislators

The most significant provision in the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 for small businesses as well as individuals is the one-year "patch" of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), says Tom Ochsenschlager, AICPA vice president, taxation, who spoke with AccountingWEB about the broader impacts of the bill. more >>
Tips for maximizing your taxes... and possibly your patriotism
IRS gains permanent authority for undercover operations, disclosure of information
Demand for forensic CPAs increases
Student News
Students help nonprofits during intense BAP competition

Take 50 college students who don't know each other, add several complicated business challenges, give them 12 hours, and what do you get at the end? Great ideas for three struggling not-for-profit organizations and real-world business experience for the accounting, finance, and IT majors. more >>
Accounting foundation announces 2008 scholarship winners
Tommie Singleton appointed to AICPA IT Executive Committee
Firm/State/People News
Boomers and millennials: Can we achieve mutual admiration?

All the generations want more respect from the others. Below are things I think are under-appreciated. Recognizing them can help to build bridges. more >>
Bullying in the workplace is an international issue
Oklahoma firms announce merger
Questions & Advice
LLC taxes
I formed an LLC to transfer title of some real estate that I currently own in my name. Am I able to write off the property tax from the real estate on my personal income tax after the title is under the LLC?
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Have you heard of a Section 105 HRA?
Someone told me about this website today and I was excited for my clients. If a small business qualifies they can deduct both medical expenses and premiums through a 3rd party and have it be deductible.
Add your input!
10 Tips for Becoming a Great Corporate Blogger
Best Practices for Optimizing Web Advertising Effectiveness
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