September 18, 2008
Publisher's Note
An accountant in North Carolina recently made me aware of this nifty little site. The intention is to create a quiz about yourself, or perhaps a family member or friend. It's quick, fun, and easy to do. However, this guy used this tool to create a quiz about his small accounting firm - then put it out to employees, clients, and friends of the firm. Winners received prizes (free pizzas, I think)...and it opened doors to additional discussions with clients. A few new engagements resulted. Here's the QuizYourFriends site.

One thing is certain about marketing and business development - sometimes it takes very unusual and unpredictable forms.

Rob Nance
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Sales ledger and sales ledger control
A reader is looking for help with setting up a sales ledger control account and recording adjustments.
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When at month end; Do you compare the A/P Trade balance to your A/P Aging? What are your month end reports that must be ran?
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