September 4, 2008
Publisher's Note
Today's technology has forced a new pet peeve to skyrocket to the top of my list. With the popularity of caller identification these days, an awful lot of people unfortunately call you back immediately rather than listen to your voice mail. You know this has happened to you, right? You went to the trouble of leaving a detailed message for a client and two seconds after you've finished the voice mail the phone rings and it's that same person saying, "I see that you called." You're thinking, "No kidding! I just left you a message! Listen to it!"

What irritating practices relating to today's technology drive you nuts? Write me and tell me your troubles. No, I'm not the Dear Abby of the accounting world, but give it a shot anyway. There's a free AccountingWEB coffee mug in it for you if we publish your comments.

Rob Nance
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Top News
Hurricane victims get tax relief from IRS

The Internal Revenue Service is providing tax relief to victims of Hurricane Gustav in affected areas of Louisiana. The IRS is postponing until Jan. 5, 2009 deadlines for taxpayers who reside or have a business in the disaster area. The postponement applies to return filing, tax payment and other time-sensitive acts otherwise due between Sept. 1, 2008 and Jan. 5, 2009, including estimated tax payments due September 15, 2008, and extended tax returns due September 15 and October 15, 2008. more >>
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Student News
For young accountants, communication is key to developing successful client relationships

For many new accountants, landing a first job or getting to know the culture of a firm can be a major accomplishment. But in today's tight economic times, it is a new accountant's client development skills that will help him or her stand out from the pack and get on the fast track at a firm. more >>
AGA announces second government finance case challenge
Financial hiring forecast more positive for fourth quarter
Firm/State News
South Carolina adopts new approach to financial reporting

South Carolina has become the latest state to publish a Citizen- Centric Report as a means of communicating clear and understandable government financial information to its taxpayers, and encouraging citizen-involvement in the state's budgeting process, the Association of Government Accountants announced. more >>
New York City accounting firm names new CEO
Arkansas accountant receives promotion
Questions & Advice
Bank Deposits
If we had received some customer checks let's say on the last day of the month in July, 7/31/08, but didn't deposit the checks to the bank until the following month, August, 8/01/08, can we consider the checks as "deposits in transit"? Share your suggestions today!

Perpetual Inventory
Under a perpetual inventory system, when a shortage is discovered, how is it recorded? Add your input!
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