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July 31, 2008  

Publisher's Note

Results from a recent Gallup poll survey conclude that only six percent of men now wear neckties to work every day. Sales of these ties in the U.S. have dipped to $677.7 million annually, down from a high of $1.3 billion in 1995. Certainly, there are pros and cons associated with this cultural shift.

There's debate in the necktie world as to the origin of the necktie. Whether it started in China in the B.C. timeframe or it began in the early 1900's by tie manufacturer Jesse Langsdorf as some have suggested, I suppose it really doesn't matter. Regardless, accounting kicks in with a bit of a zero- sum game: fewer neckties sold, more golf shirts sold. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Rob Nance
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The local accounting firms of Cross, Fernandez & Riley, LLP (C/F/R) and Beckert, Price, & Rowse, P.A. (BPR & Company) recently announced a merger. Effective August 1, 2008, BPR & Company will be recognized as Cross, Fernandez & Riley, LLP more

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Back to school shoppers planning to spend less this year

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