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MAY 8, 2008


CPA mobility legislation gains national momentum
Twenty-three states have approved laws to make it less burdensome for certified public accountants to represent clients across state lines.

Health insurance keeping potential retirees on the payroll
Older workers without other health care insurance options are more likely to defer retirement to stay covered under their employer's plan, according to an analysis by Watson Wyatt Worldwide, a leading global consulting firm. Other factors, such as whether an employee has a pension, also contribute to decisions on when to retire.

Tips for making presentations to colleagues, clients, and investors
Who do you think is a particularly influential speaker - Tony Blair or Bill Clinton, perhaps Barack Obama, Warren Buffett, or maybe Richard Branson?


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Sally Glick:
Marketing Today and Tomorrow!
Nothin' New About Niches!

I started my accounting marketing career in the early 1970s, working with my dad who is a sole practitioner in Chicago, Illinois. Even "way back then" we realized that, in order to add more value to our client interactions and to have a more effective way of developing a full pipeline of leads, we needed to concentrate our efforts in some key targeted areas....

The K2 Team:
Accounting Technology Talk and More!
The Future's So Bright, We Have to Wear Shades

There's a very interesting article by Andy Kessler on the editorial page in The Wall Street Journal this morning which discusses the coming war in technology. While Microsoft and Google are the armies currently fighting the skirmishes around the future of technology, this is really simply a proxy war about how we will use technology in the future. Just as there are different methods of transporting goods around the country (think: rail vs. truck vs. airplane), there are also different models of computing (browser vs. local vs. mobile)....

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Quiz Me!

This week's Student Zone quiz is "Leases" and is brought to us by Barbara W. Scofield, PhD, CPA - Associate Professor of Accounting and Director of the Financial Accounting Concentration at the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas. Sharpen your skills!

Publisher's Note

The AccountingWEB staff recently had a company retreat in beautiful Ogunquit, Maine. Walking the beach by the steely gray sea, we discussed the needs of our faithful audience. We think you'll like what we've got coming up for you!

For starters, here's a travel cost-saver: Business travel tip - In many smaller airports the Wi-Fi is free, but in hubs it can easily cost $10 - not exactly money well spent when all you have is 15 minutes before your flight boards. Sitting directly outside an airline club lounge, you can use the Wi-Fi signal that glides through the lounge's walls.

And here's a tidbit for break-room conversation: With escalating fuel prices, wheat shortages, grocery bills jumping up every week... it's not only accountants who are tracking costs much more closely these days. In that spirit, a reader in Indiana recently made this amusing comment to me: "Thinking about LASIK eye surgery, maybe when the cost of the surgery on the way down meets the cost of a gallon of gas on the way up, I'll pull the trigger."

Rob Nance

Latest News

Firm/State News

Grant Thornton LLP consolidates Advisory Services
Beard Miller Company LLP has opened a third New Jersey location in Clark, NJ. The Clark office, operational effective April 28, 2008, is located between its Pine Brook and Jackson offices and will house about 25 people.

Student News

AICPA proposes changes to CPA exam, seeks comment
Grant Thornton LLP has announced the appointment of Greg Pitzer and Larry Redler as co-national managing principal and partner, respectively, of the Advisory Services practice.

Tech News

LinkedIn for beginners
Thousands of entrepreneurs running small companies are using social networking Web site LinkedIn to make contacts. But can the service really benefit your business? Andy Headworth, founder of Sirona Consulting, investigates.

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