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MAY 1, 2008


Federal regulators dismiss charges against H&R Block
Federal regulators have dismissed a November 2004 complaint against H&R Block Inc.'s brokerage business. The civil fraud charges had alleged sales practices and supervisory violations tied to the sale of Enron Corp. bonds to investors prior to the company's failure in 2001.

Geezeo: A new personal finance tool for those who don't mind sharing
People will discuss anything and everything online, so why not confessions of silly money mistakes, mountains of college debt or a credit card balance that your husband doesn't know about?

PCAOB adopts new audit committee communication rule and amends tax services rule
The PCAOB voted last week to adopt Rule 3526, Communication with Audit Committees Concerning Independence, and an amendment to Rule 3523, Tax Services for Persons in Financial Reporting Oversight Roles.


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Allan Boress, CPA:
Truth Be Told About Business Development Blog
Destroying a Brand: How Stupid Can You Get?

Veteran marketers know the value of a strong brand and how long, and how much time, effort, money and patience it can take to create. Then why would a company purposely seek to destroy one of America's best brands?

Michelle Golden:
Golden Practices
Plan Your Marketing Budget

There should always be a marketing budget...even my three- person company has one. In fact, I just checked my expenditures and they run 3-5% of current year projected revenues -- the amount we generally recommend to firms in growth mode or 'get up to speed' mode.

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Fair Value vs. Historical Cost
"This week's Student Zone quiz is "Fair Value vs. Historical Cost" and is brought to us by Barbara W. Scofield, PhD, CPA - Associate Professor of Accounting and Director of the Financial Accounting Concentration at the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas. Sharpen your skills!

Publisher's Note

This Publisher's Note is a collection of tips that have come our way recently. Enjoy.

Interviewing Tip: Ask the job candidate to talk about an issue they're passionate about. After they've made their case, ask them to argue the other side.

Client Relations Tip: The next time a client gripes to you about how much tax he/she pays, throw out a couple of examples like these:

"Hey, Frank, I hear ya ... but the well-off in Israel pay 70 percent of their income in taxes."

"Yes, Marie, it's wretched. However, 50 percent is the norm in Germany."

They may not want to hear it, but as one reader told me the other day, "Our profession does not exist to sugar-coat it; we're here to be honest, ethical and forthright."

Pet Naming Tip: "EBITDA." Explain that one to the kids .....

Rob Nance

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Firm/State News

Beard Miller Company opens Clark, NJ location
Beard Miller Company LLP has opened a third New Jersey location in Clark, NJ. The Clark office, operational effective April 28, 2008, is located between its Pine Brook and Jackson offices and will house about 25 people.

Tech News

IT Zone jargon watch - Top 10 management-speak crimes
Our UK sister site,, has published a list we know you will find entertaining and all too close to home. Courtesy of UK online office space brokerage, the, the following is a list of the top ten management-speak crimes, some of which you are sure to find familiar.

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