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APRIL 24, 2008


Choosing a business structure
Many small businesses start to rethink their business structure at this time of year, right after filing a tax return and learning how much tax they owe for the preceding year. Accountants are often called upon to help make the decision about restructuring a business.

This information from the Small Business Administration describes the various forms of business structures available and what factors go into making the decision to choose each type.

Staffing costs on the rise for U.S. private businesses
Among private businesses in the United States, 48 percent are paying significantly more in staff costs than a year ago, according to the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR). While this number is noteworthy, it is lower when compared to private companies across the globe, 63 percent of which are paying significantly more for staffing costs as compared to a year ago. In India, for example, 85 percent of employers report seeing a rise in labor costs. With a number of U.S. manufacturers outsourcing non-core services to international markets including India, the rising international human resources costs may have a direct impact on U.S. companies.

Top 10 ways to motivate your employees this summer
Just in time for summer, Gevity, which serves as a full-service human resources department for small and mid-sized businesses, has provided its "Ten Ways to Motivate Your Employees This Summer" list. Compiled from Gevity research as well as existing research on this topic, the list provides a fun and helpful way for small business owners to motivate their employees as the warm - and often slower - summer months approach.


What have you got to say today?

Sally Glick:
Marketing Today and Tomorrow!
Getting to know the press for good exposure

With a special focus on those firms that do not have a full time marketer, one of the easiest ways to build a strong reputation in your community is to develop a good relationship with the local press.

Most of the business reporters are easily accessible to you. When you see a trend evolving, observe an economic shift, or have an idea that you think has an impact on the business community, contact the press....

Bill Kennedy, CA.IT, PMP:
Energized Accounting
Spring Cleaning

Okay, I was not cut out to be a gardener. How do I know? I was raking last year's leaves from the garden when I realized that this year's crocuses had already sprouted, flowered and died. I never saw them because they couldn't get through all the dead leaves. Time for spring cleaning!

Is there any dead wood in your accounting system? When the year end is done and the audit over is a good time to look at the system and decide if anything needs to be tweaked.

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express your views!

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Accounting Documents Quiz
This week's Student Zone quiz is "Accounting Documents Quiz" and is brought to us by Barbara W. Scofield, PhD, CPA - Associate Professor of Accounting and Director of the Financial Accounting Concentration at the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas. Sharpen your skills! Win a sharpener!

Firm/State News

BKD Wealth Advisors names Layman first CIO
Jack E. Thurman, president of BKD Wealth Advisors, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of BKD, LLP, announces the promotion of Principal Jeffrey A. Layman to chief investment officer effective April 1, 2008.

Tech News

Are you spending too much time with Excel?
Access Accounting managing director John Beech argues that Excel is a part of the daily life of the accountancy profession, but poses significant risks if it's not integrated with the business and accounting system.

Student News

KPMG Presents First Place and $25,000 to University of Virginia Team in Second Annual Student Auditing Competition
University of California - Santa Barbara, Bentley College Collect $15,000 and $10,000 for Second and Third Place Wins.

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