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FEBRUARY 7, 2008


eBay sellers attack negative feedback ban
Entrepreneurs have criticized the move by online auction service eBay to prevent sellers from posting negative feedback about customers who buy items.

Partisan bickering leaves tax rebate, economic stimulus in jeopardy
At the end of January, the House voted 385 to 35 to approve an estimated $146 billion stimulus package aimed at countering a slowdown in economic growth. However, one week later, Senate Republicans put the fate of $600-$1,200 rebate checks for more than 100 million Americans in limbo when they blocked the bid by Democrats to add $44 billion in help for the elderly, disabled veterans, the unemployed, and businesses.

Baseball tickets: Touch all the tax bases
With spring training on the horizon, your client may have lined up baseball tickets. Careful planning can maximize the tax benefits for the coming season.


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The K2 Team:
Accounting Technology Talk and More!
In Software Licensing as in Taxation, Two Plus Two is Not Always Four

I recently wrote an article about a friend who purchased Office 2007 in the early days of busy season. This license is called an "OEM" license, and cannot be transferred to a new computer. In my case, Rhonda bought three copies of Office 2007 with three laptops. When those laptops wear out, have Diet Coke spilled on them, or are otherwise retired, the "rights" to run Office 2007 cannot be transferred to the replacement hardware....

The A-Team:
Voices of the AccountingWEB Staff
Chopping Down Trees?

While putting a bunch of scrap papers in the recycling tub the other day I mentally pictured lumberjacks sawing down trees. I'm ghastly afraid of chainsaw operation, but I know that many others aren't. Do you have any clients in the forestry industry? If so, please contact me at Why? I've got some questions. I promise to make it worth your while....

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Try your luck! Win valuable prizes!
This week's Student Zone quiz is "Test Your Intro Tax Knowledge" and is brought to us by Robert J. Walsh, Associate Professor of Accounting at University of Dallas in Irving, Texas. Try your luck! Win valuable prizes!

Recent winners:
Erik Lindquist, CFE
Lindquist & Associates, LLC, Okemos, MI

Stephanie Sigman
Burk, Pearlman, Nebben and Huggings, Hixson, TN

Peggy Erickson, CPA, CMA
Painter, Russell & Associates, PLLC, Asheville, NC

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Mind Over Matter: Why Intellectual Capital is the Chief Source of Wealth

America's economy has been transformed from a twentieth-century materials-based economy to the Age of the Conceptual-Based Economy - and the currency of this realm is ideas and knowledge. Today's corporations must prepare to seize the advantages of this new age, or watch as others that are more ready and willing to do so replace them.

Publisher's Note

You can get the death penalty in China for tax evasion. That's harsh! Imagine the consequences if Congress rolled this sucker out in America! Poor Willie Nelson, Pete Rose, Wesley Snipes, et al.

Our industry is based on ethics and it's one we can be mighty proud of in this country. AccountingWEB salutes all of you who "do the right thing" each and every day. As you know, the role of the accounting professional is not an easy one!

Rob Nance

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Friedman, Weissman & Associates opens in Beverly Hills
Friedman, Weissman & Associates, P.C., a full-service accounting firm, specializing in entertainment tax and accounting, fraud prevention, tax preparation, and work with family owned businesses, has announced the opening of its Beverly Hills office on Olympic Boulevard.

Lite News

Are you and your mate financially compatible?
You like the same movies and you finish each other's sentences, but where do you and your significant other stand on important financial issues? Whether your relationship is just getting off the ground, or headed for ground zero - working through this quiz might just help point you toward financial bliss. Find out if you are two peas-in-a-pod, a work-in-progress, or in need of a money makeover.

Tech News

'Reports of VBA's demise have been greatly exaggerated'
Over the past few weeks, Microsoft has tried to reassure user-programmers that it would continue to offer Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) within Office applications.

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