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JANUARY 24, 2008


IRS reports increase in audits and taxpayer services for fiscal 2007
The IRS reports that it continues to make strong progress in a number of key enforcement areas. Recently published statistics show the number of audits increased in all areas in fiscal 2007, the number of e-filers has increased, and the usage of the IRS Web site is increasing as well.

AICPA announces top ten technology initiatives for 2008
Information Security Management will be the most important initiative affecting IT strategy, investment, and implementation in business organizations over the next 12-18 months, according to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' 19th Annual Top Technology Initiatives survey.

Pitch perfect: How to charm investors
Venture capital can be the ticket to meteoric success for a small business, but securing it involves winning over hardened investors with your enthusiasm and business expertise. Geoff Sankey, director of The Capital Fund, speaks about some of the dos and don'ts of pitching for investment.


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Linda Cavanaugh, CPA: Plugged In
Easier filing requirements for smaller public companies

The SEC has changed its categories for filers of SEC reports. Regulation SB has been eliminated and scaled financial and nonfinancial reporting requirements are now part of Regulations S-X and S-K. The terms "small business issuer" and "non- accelerated filer" have been replaced by "smaller reporting company". This new group includes companies with a public float below $75 million or revenues below $50 million if they do not have public float.

David Tate, CPA, Esq.
ERM to be used for S&P credit rating

Standard and Poor's is considering adding enterprise risk management as a key component of their credit rating analysis. S&P has asked for comments to be submitted by February 1; however, it is clear that they have already spent a lot of time deciding what ERM areas will be evaluated for credit rating purposes.

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Tech News

ExcelZone's Five Minute Pivot Table Tips - Index
ExcelZone's series of Five Minute tips aims to develop your skills at using Excel pivot tables.


Find Employees, Find Jobs!
AccountingWEB, Inc. and CareerBank have joined forces to offer you a quick way to find and employee, or a job, depending on your needs. In addition, you can get career resources and industry news to help you find your dream job faster.

Publisher's Note

What do customers and clients want? As you know, it's a constantly changing answer that can vary widely from person to person and company to company. One thing that customers and clients do not want is to be ignored.

One reason that I primarily shop online is because it's quick, efficient, and doesn't waste resources. However, some of these companies I've done business with in this manner are simply not listening to their customers. During the last two years I did business with Office Depot, ULINE, and Bass Pro Shops. After these orders were placed, I started receiving their massive catalogs. Why? I placed the order online! I understand they want more business, but I don't want catalogs - it's all online! Despite my calling and writing (postal, not e-mail) these companies to get removed from their mailing lists, I am still receiving these catalogs! The customer service people didn't help me; my letters to VPs of Marketing and such didn't stop Mailman Bill from delivering the catalogs; my mailbox was getting jammed-up with those pesky Pottery Barn catalogs just like Kramer's!

Office Depot, ULINE, and Bass Pro Shops are three companies not listening to their customer: ME. Make that "former-customer." And, just like an unhappy customer, I am telling lots of people about it.

Our collective challenge for 2008: make sure that the processes designed to stamp out customer irritation are working. Challenge the people and processes in your respective firms and companies. Full steam ahead!

Rob Nance

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Student News

Student loans to be impacted by subprime lending crisis
Lenders that process federal Stafford loans and PLUS loans as well as private loan companies are expected to require students borrowing for the first time this spring semester to have higher credit scores, and may impose other changes to their policies.

Firm/State News

CBIZ acquires payroll processing firm in time for tax season
CBIZ, Inc. has announced that it has acquired certain assets of Computer Payroll Company (CPC), a payroll processing company located in Palm Desert, California, effective January 1, 2008.

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