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Seven tips for your first filing of detailed footnotes in XBRL
As organizations have completed their year-one SEC requirement with block note tagging in XBRL, they are preparing for the next major milestone: filing their detailed footnotes (DFN) in XBRL.
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ROI and efficiency: The advantages of using a document management system
When document management systems (DMS) and paperless accounting firms first became trendy, some accounting firms decided to become early adopters. But other accounting firms have been more cautious, choosing to wait before rushing into DMS and paperless offices.
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How NOT TO make a connection on LinkedIn
I get one of these LinkedIn connection requests it seems almost every day: "I'd like to add you to my professional network. –John" The header will say something like "John has indicated you are a friend." The problem is I don't have any idea who the person is.
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How TO make a connection on LinkedIn – Way #1
A few days ago I posted How NOT to make a connection on LinkedIn. At the end of that post, I threatened/promised (you decide) that I'd do a future post on how TO make a connection. So here goes.
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Sleeter Conference embraces 'tomorrow's world' of accounting
The theme of this year's Sleeter conference is "tomorrow's world" of accounting, and the conference will feature exhibitors and sessions that embrace Cloud computing, appeal to the next generation of clients, and encourage existing clients to take advantage of advances in our profession.
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If you or your clients are in the SEC filer category of "Phase 2: All other large accelerated filers," you are likely facing the second year challenge of creating detailed footnote tagging. David J. Price, CFO and COO of EDGAR Online, has shared with us some excellent tips to help SEC filers get through this task.
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